MotoCMS Rated Website Builder Review

The world around us is very swift and changeable. Each day brings something new, and it is sometimes quite difficult to keep pace with the latest tendencies. The ultimate helper for most people in this situation is the Web. One can find everything she/he needs online very quickly. The truth is that nowadays many people are getting used to this conviction and can’t imagine their lives without the Internet. They do their business, shop, communicate and entertain not leaving this awesome virtual world.

So, if you want to be successful in this amazing and rapid surrounding, you should do your best to keep abreast of the newest achievements. It does not matter what sphere you are doing your business in.  You must be accessible effortlessly and easy to keep in touch with. The best way to achieve this is to create your own website.

Without any doubt, you understand perfectly well that the success of your business depends to a great extent on the quality of its Internet representation. If your website is slow, looks cheap and is troublesome to use, you risk not getting the attention of prospective clients and fail. That’s why you can’t be too picky while choosing the right option to represent your business online.

Of course, you can turn to a professional web-design company and pay them for the development of your new website. But this variant has serious drawbacks:

  • You should be ready to spend a considerable sum of money
  • You may not be fully satisfied with the results as there is always a risk of misunderstanding

MotoCMS offers you a much better decision. The company has developed 2500+ awesome ready–to-use website templates. All you need is to choose a suitable template and create a wonderful website yourself. Don’t worry about not having coding experience! MotoCMS team have done all the complicated work for you. It will take you only several hours to launch a marvelous website with no extra efforts at all!

Moreover, MotoCMS is proud to introduce a set of magnificent Premium Templates!

With these web themes, starting a new website will turn into an easy and enjoyable task.

  1. Music MotoCMS 3 Responsive Website Template

If you are in the music business this marvelous template is for you. Build your site easily with the functional drag-and-drop website builder. Enjoy the wide selection of pre-made pages.

Keep the attention of your clients with a simple-to-start blog of your own. Appreciate advantageous widgets which will help you express your individuality. Upload your music effortlessly and share it with the visitors. Change the typography using the richest collection of text styles offered within this template. Your website will be irresistible!

  1. Real Estate MotoCMS 3 Responsive Website Template

Being engaged in the real estate business you are well aware of the fact how important the impressive visual representation is if you want to succeed.

The wonderful galleries of this template will help you create a stunning catalog of the properties you sell in no time. Use a collection of stock images to make your site even more attractive. It will be incredibly easy for your clients to access your site with any device as it has 100% responsive design.

  1. Hotels MotoCMS Responsive Website Template

When you work in the hotel industry you should be extremely attentive to your hotel website. The very first glance at it has to mesmerize your prospective clients and make them dream of living in this place.

The template MotoCMS offers will cope with this task brilliantly. The sophisticated design elements and beautiful typography will present your content in the best way. The convenient SEO of this template will make finding your website online dead simple. Keep in touch with your clients without any problem with handy adoptable widgets. Enjoy the top quality!

  1. European Restaurant Premium Website Design

For most people, European restaurants first and foremost are associated with the refined and elegant style. Meet these expectations with this template!

Avail yourself with unique color palettes and extraordinary layouts. Let your beautiful images speak louder than words with convenient galleries. Benefit from customizable pre-made pages, which will save your time considerably while starting your website. Use social media tools to keep connected with customers and increase your restaurant sales. Turn cooking into an art!

  1. Drone Video Premium Website Design

Making drone video is highly demanded nowadays. Still, drone video market is quite competitive. In this situation going online is a very wise decision.

Make your website unique with the help of amazing drag-and-drop website editor. Change the appearance of widgets according to your taste. If you don’t need any element – it is very simple to remove it. If you feel like adding some widgets, you are welcome to do it. Use the social media widgets to advertise your business via social networks. As you see it has never been that easy to become successful!

  1. Gym Power-Fitness and Bodybuilding Premium Website Design

In the contemporary world, most people don’t have a lot of spare time. Nevertheless, they want to keep fit and look attractive. It is great that you have chosen to help the people take care of their bodies.

MotoCMS will help you in turn with great pleasure. Start your own website effortlessly with astonishing speed. It will take you only several hours to launch it! Create your own online audience with social media widgets, subscription and contact forms and other instruments.

  1. Web design Premium Website Design

To have a colleague as a client is always a serious challenge. On one hand, a professional can easily see all the drawbacks. But on the other hand, he/she can appreciate the quality job to the full.

Without any doubt, choosing this template you will be pleased with its excellence. Building your website with it is a valuable time-saving tactics you can employ.

You will be surprised with the effectiveness of the MotoCMS block editor for sure. Use the White Label option to create a website for your client and save on the promotion of your own work without extra efforts. Are not you sure whether you want to buy the template? Try is first! There is a completely free 14 day trial period.  An even more – if you finally make up your mind to purchase it, all the changes you have made during the trial period will be saved for you!

  1. Consulting Premium Website Design

Financial business is far from web-design. Still, now you can easily join both of them yourself. If you pick this premium quality template you will be able to create a wonderful site of your own with no elementary coding knowledge.

The user-friendly admin panel will help you arrange the blocks the most suitable way. Customize all the necessary pages painlessly. Edit the appearance of widgets with a wide range of made-up presets. Make your website look solid with a great variety of Google Fonts. Control the activity of your visitors with the analytics tools. Win the trust of your clients with the first look!

  1. Accounting Services Responsive Web Theme

Your business deals with a very serious sphere. To prosper you should win the trust of your customers. So, your website has to show them how reliable and reputable you are.

Organize your website in the most convenient way. Use the beautifully crafted typography to introduce your slogan. Create your own blog to share some valuable information with your clients. Keep in touch with your clients with the help of a practical subscription option.  Stay secure and solid with your new website.

  1. Construction Company Website Design

The construction business has a lot in common with web design. In a well-designed building, all the elements should unite to answer the needs of the client. The same is true of web design. A professional website created with taking in consideration all the needs of its owner is the best business assistant. But who knows what you really need better than you do?

Go ahead and try yourself in web design, building your own outstanding website. This process will be unbelievably simple with the drag-and-drop website creator of this template. The professional pallets and functional widgets will allow your content be marvelously positioned on all the pages. Let prospective clients learn about your business using the potential of the serviceable SEO section. Feel free to reveal your individuality and your business will flourish.

  1. Beauty MotoCMS Responsive Website Template

If your business is connected with making people more beautiful this captivating template is for you. The amazing colors and full-screen header images set a strong creative tone for you to build unique content. Add your own voice and make this incredible template truly your own.

The set of pre-made pages will be quite handy in fulfilling this task. Customize them asserting your personality. Use the vast collection of stock images to complete the stylish design. Change the colors and background themes according to your taste. Fascinate your visitors with outstanding beauty of your website and they will become your devoted customers.

All these templates are very different. They are designed for different businesses and answer different requirements. But they still do have one thing in common – their PREMIUM QUALITY. Don’t hesitate to launch one of them to experience how astonishing they are.

5 Reasons to Try MotoCMS

There is always a reason why certain products get popular. Here we would like to present you the top five reasons that can prompt you to make a website with the best cms available on the market. Welcome to the MotoCMS world!

#1 Reason. MotoCMS is Easy to Manage.

One may find lots of templates on the Internet that are said to be easily manageable. But are they, really? Unlike the other players on the web market, only MotoCMS offers the unique admin panel. It allows you to work on the layout for your website. To do so, you do not need any prior expertise in the web programming. How can this be possible? The main idea behind the drag-and-drop admin panel from MotoCMS is that you move around certain content blocks. For example, you can drag and drop headers, general information blocks, the menu, footers etc. Once you like the layout, you are free to fill it with the necessary content.

There is one more stunning tool that is only MotoCMS templates contain. This tool is called Color Picker. Its main goal is to ensure you can manage your color palette in the blink of an eye. The Color Picker is a powerful tool for those who do not want to spend tedious hours trying to configure the color palette of own website. It is also a great feature for specialists that know next to nothing about the main principle of design techniques.

#2 Reason. MotoCMS is 100% Responsive

In our age of the mobile technology boom, it makes sense to create a responsive website. In other words, people expect to see the familiar quality layout even if they use different devices to view your website. The easiest way for you to get a responsive website is to choose MotoCMS templates. These templates are designed to meet the demands of the evolving web world. With MotoCMS, your customers will enjoy the smoothest experience ever when browsing your website!
As you understand, responsivity is a must these days. It is especially important for businesses that provide social services or presuppose booking.

#3 Reason. MotoCMS Themes are Packed with Widgets

Nowadays, people are more likely to pay attention to a website that contains widgets. There are several reasons for that.
Firstly, widgets are handy as attention grabbers. That is why all our MotoCMS templates contain a pack of widgets to suit any business. For example, you can use the Video widget to engage your customers’ interest in the history of your establishment.

Secondly, widgets are powerful tools in terms of personalizing your content. For example, with the MailChimp Widget from MotoCMS, you can effectively organize your subscriber’s base. The countdown widget may inform your clients about the upcoming discounts. In combination, these two widgets make sure that your customers are kept informed about the key moments of your business life.

But what do you do if you do not see a widget you want on our list? No worries – MotoCMS templates offer you a unique and reliable tool to add any other widgets to your website. The tool is called the Code Injection. Its main idea of the Code Injection is that you simply copy and paste the embed code for the widget you need into the corresponding content block. That’s it. You have one more widget to enjoy! Yes, this easy. Neither web programming expertise nor web design skills are required!

#4 Reason. All MotoCMS Templates are Cross-Browser Compatible

It is not a secret that people tend to have their favorites among the popular web browsers. Earlier, that meant that you would need to manually test how your website functions in every single web browser. Needless to say, this process was highly time-consuming and demanded certain web programming skills. Nowadays, the situation has changed for the better. With the MotoCMS templates, your website looks perfect in all the popular browsers. Your task is only to watch and enjoy how people from all over the world visit your online project!

#5 Reason. MotoCMS Means Diversity

Our collection of MotoCMS templates boasts the diversity that stands out on the web market. To begin with, we are proud to tell you that here you can find a professional template for about fifty different categories of businesses! What other cms can offer this assortment? What is more, every single template we have developed is a small masterpiece. For instance, let’s look into Evolution. It boasts features that distinguish it from all the other offers on the market. In short, Evolution is an outstanding example of the superb functionality and the terrific design. This template is designed to suit multiple business purposes. For starters, it includes 4 child pages at the moment. Each of these pages represents a professional web design idea designed for a certain business field. These fields are the medical business, the web design industry, car repair services, and the real estate establishments. Moreover, Evolution contains 16 web pages that are ready to go online! How great is this?

Of course, this list of reasons to try MotoCMS is far from being full. We can also mention such facts as 100% SEO-friendliness, 24/7 free professional support for one year, and a 14-day free trial. So, try MotoCMS today and enjoy the future of the web universe!

The Best from MotoCMS: Spectrum, Evolution, Defrozo, Income & others.

Now, I will introduce you to MotoCMS and its top website templates, i.e. Spectrum, Evolution, Defrozo, and Income. I will outline the main common characteristics of the website templates mentioned above and try to showcase what makes them stand out on the webmarket.

MotoCMS is a website builder that facilitates the process of creating websites both for professional web developers and complete novices. Its rich collection of website templates contains responsive Moto 3 templates, eCommerce themes, and HTML templates. MotoCMS also stands for amazing diversity. In more than fifty thematic categories, you will definitely find the template that suits your business best.

The thing is you may take an altervative way if you do not have 100% ready concept for your future online project. In this case, you can choose one of the flagship website templates from MotoCMS – Spectrum, Evolution, Defrozo, and Income. Let’s review them one by one.

Spectrum Ultimate Business Website Design


This website template is designed to satisfy the demand of any possible online project. The customization opportunities that Spectrum offers is like no other. Literally, every element that you see on your screen can be adjusted to your concept of a perfect website for business purposes. Thanks to the powerful Block Editor, you are free to choose between numerous headers, galleries, pricing tables, footers etc. This is what the Block Editor looks like for the restaurant child theme of Spectrum looks like.


As you have probably understood, Spectrum gives you the access to the stunning and professionally looking child home pages. At the moment the list of these themes includes the restaurant, the consulting, the financial, the photographer, and the industrial themes. How great is that?


In practice, it means two things. If you are a web developer, Spectrum will save you tons of time that you would have otherwise invested into creating multi purposeful websites from scratch. If you are a businessman that wants to enter the online market, Spectrum and its child themes give you the chance to change the layout and the design of your website whenever you wish.

Evolution Universal Business Website Theme


This unique website template for business will undoubtedly amaze you on all the possible levels.

For starters, Evolution contains a one-of-a-kind collection of child home pages. Explore the themes for the medical, web design, and the car repair industries.


Test out the themes for real estate, hotel, and and law services companies!


Of course, it goes without saying that all the child themes of Evolution are fully customizable and 100% responsive. Inside the admin panel from MotoCMS, you can preview your site in 4 modes: desktop, smarphone (vertical), smartphone (horizontal) and tablet.


In addition, Evolution contains quite a few widgets that are necessary for any successful modern business website. For example, with the Google Map widget, you will keep your prospective customers informed about your current location.

When applying the MailChimp widget, you get a reliable tool for managing your newsletters. Thanks to the Disqus widget, you can add a user-friendly and practical comment system to your website in the blink of the eye.


Enjoy the potential of diversity that the top web developers from MotoCMS have offered in Evolution!

Defrozo Photography Portfolio Theme


If you choose this website template, then you definitely know a thing or two about photography. In fact, every detail of Defrozo is developed to suit specifically the photography industry.

To begin with, Defrozo contains the powerful Block Editor. Based on the drag-and-dropping principle, this editor helps you to build the layout of your website in several clicks.

Also, you can find eight gallery scripts that will make your work not only visible but attention-grabbing. These galleries include a background slider, a carousel, a grid, a slider, a sliding gallery, a reflection, a slider with thumbnails, and a sliding click action. Experiment with all of them to build the website that your photos deserve!


What is more, in Defrozo, you can find the Aviary Photo Editor. This is the instrument that allows you to upload your artworks and refine them online on the fly.

Moreover, Defrozo is equipped with the well-structured Media Library. This is the place where your masterpieces (accompanied by all sorts of other media files) get organized and thoroughly sorted.


In addition, Defrozo can take care of your personally identifiable information and sensitive personal information.

Income Premium Financial Business Theme


The main advantage of Income is that it is designed with one clear goal. It is to facilitate the creation of a finance website of the top quality. Let’s have a look at the numbers below and track down what potential Income has on the web market. About twenty ready-to-use pages and two extra home pages for the banking industry and the loan company make this website template a must for any finance-oriented business.

In addition to the numbers that speak for themselves, we should not forget about the excellent blogging functionality of Income. A blog is a reliable tool to increase your search engine rankings, so why neglect it, right? As you can see from the admin panel below, the blog is already fully designed for your business. All you need to do is to pick a topic and remember to write more or less regularly.


Benefits and Disadvantages

CMS templates providers target a specific audience. While one-stop site builders like Weebly or uCoz cater to the novice expecting to get everything in a single place (domain, theme, tools, hosting etc.) obviating the need to purchase those elsewhere, CMS templates like those offered by MotoCMS work best for people who already have a hosting account and domain, or at least know how and where to buy them. Based on these differences, I can define the following benefits and disadvantages of CMS templates compared to online site makers.

Possible drawbacks:

You’ll have to purchase a hosting plan and domain name independently (according to the hosting requirements specified in the CMS template description). You’ll have to administer your hosting issues yourself: back ups, security measures etc.

Most CMS templates have no division into separate accounts (one for content editing, another – for design and administration) – everything is integrated into the same panel. This can be fairly inconvenient. For example, your client can mess up the design, as well as change important website settings.

Aside from these disadvantages, CMS templates combine the benefits of online website builders and independent content management systems:

Your template (=website) is yours. You can host it anywhere on the web (while with 90% of website builders you can’t move your site).

Cost. You make a one-time payment to get a template along with support and updates. No need to pay monthly fee for the website builder, you will pay only for your hosting.

4. Customer Support

MotoCMS takes care of its customers no matter what. You can hardly find a person, remained unsatisfied with the MotoCMS support center. One may make a call or ask for calling back in right time. Free live chat is also available.

If you would like to figure out how everything works by yourself, there is knowledge base, including FAQs, user’s guides, video tutorials and issue solutions.

5. Pricing Policy

As I mentioned above, before purchasing any website template powered by MotoCMS you can test it by registering the trial period.

After the end of the trial period you can purchase an eStore or MotoCMS 3 website template ($199) and a HTML website template ($139), in addition you can buy one of the offers available: website installation (+$49), eCommerce plugin (+$99), SEO-audit (+$49), ready-made website offer (+$149) with free installation, logo and color scheme customization and your content update.

Another paid option – Buyout License ($4500) – guarantees that you are the last one who buys this template: after buyout chosen template is removed from MotoCMS templates list permanently.

The pricing is clear – no month-to-month, no subscriptions, only one time payment. Also, MotoCMS cooperates with hosting companies like InMotion and BlueHost to offer reasonable hosting plans.

6. White label

MotoCMS offers all website developers getting their brand name closer to their customers. You can get MotoCMS White Label for a reasonable price and start building your brand right after the purchase. It allows you adding up to 5 different brands to the templates you purchased from the MotoCMS store.

MotoCMS Whitelabel

There are two options of applying the White label to your product. Either buying a White Label with every template you get in the store, or getting an unlimited number of White Labels right from your MotoCMS account. No matter that way you purchase this solution, here’s how you can use the White Label for branding your own name:

Apply the White Label to any template you have in your personal account;  In your account, you can create up to 5 different brand names that can be easily applied to any template you have Just make sure you have enough White Label licences for that;

You can apply one White Label licence to one website;
If you modify a brand, all the changes will be applied to all the templates that are associated with this very brand;

You can switch anytime between the brands you have on any template without losing a licence to that brand;

You can easily discard a licence from any template you wish. Just note that this licence won’t be restored.

It’s a really great solution for branding your business without spending too much time on it. You can purchase a white Label licence separately, with a template. But if you are a web developer, you will be glad to hear that any developer’s pack includes a White Label licence.

Don’t hesitate and get this solution that will give you many benefits:  It saves you time (and money, of course). White label solution saves you tons of efforts for establishing your brand from scratch, making it recognizable and famous among your customers;

It strengthens your customers’ loyalty. People will associate your high-quality product with your brand and every time they use your service and see your label attached, they will know that they get a good service. Thus, their loyalty will increase;

You get already tried and true product that you can sell under your brand. Again – it saves you a lot of time for testing your product and improving it;
No more pressure! MotoCMS White Label solution still provides you and your customers with the best tech support available 24/7. S you don’t have to work hours for fixing issues and adding updates to the product;

Do what you do best and leave marketing aside. White Labelling takes off the marketing from you and leaves you with your favorite business – web development. We handle everything else in terms of promotion.

MotoCMS Resellers Program

I think you are convinced by all those benefits you can get from the White Label offer.


Even though the company has already produced a few website templates with a blog, MotoCMS 3 still lacks a full-featured blogging platform. Let’s hope they’ll fulfill this so demanded feature request very soon.


MotoCMS is the great alternative for small business or simply for those who would like to save money and energy resources, but get a website with design and functionality that are equal to the one, developed by specialists.

In addition to your website you obtain innovative drag-and-drop website builder, free updates and 24/7 customer support. It is a great start for non-professionals for reasonable price.

As a conclusion, I would like to emphasize the fact that the online world has been developing at the unprecedented speed these days. If you want to keep up with this world, you need to back up your business with the best website you can afford. So, choose the crème de la crème – choose the unique templates from MotoCMS!


#1 AWeber Review 2017: Secrets how to Auto-deliver Blog Posts to your Readers.

AWeber Review 2017

How AWeber Helps You Sell Your Stuff Online

When it comes to building a profitable relationship with customers, email marketing is not only the best way to stay in touch, and is relatively inexpensive as well. I’ve experimented with literally dozens of scripts, contact forms, capture engines and auto-responder services, both hosted on my server and third-party servers. I’ve tried i-Contact, GetResponse, AutoresponderPlus, Interspire Email Marketer and AWeber as autoresponder options.

When searching for an email campaign tool that allows you to continually stay in touch with your followers, what do you look for? The whole reason you’d want to have an email campaign tool is to be able to sell your products, services or affiliate programs through the method of creating relationships, building trust and providing solutions. Your solutions are provided via your email marketing campaigns.

Now, to be frank, I stuck with Interspire for quite a long time as I could host it on my own server and I had complete control over the code of the software. What I’ve found is that it can be pretty good for you if you’re starting out and for a list upto a 1000 people. It’s got awesome professional designs, interfaces and compatibility with web templates.

But if your business is scaling big and you need some organization dedicated to handling the software, without overloading the cron timer of your server, AWeber is undoubtedly the Rolls Royce of autoresponders.

I’ve used AWeber as well for a long time and it’s been an awesome choice! So here’s my honest and kick-butt AWeber review for you…

It’s external, so obviously no load on your server. Plus, you just setup the campaign and select the form, no fiddling with the code if you don’t have a clue about design and programming. AWeber is a communications company that provides email support. The first thing I looked for when linking to their website was the features they offer. Following are the main features I really liked:

1. A Good ROI (return on investment)

I figured out the math, when I started with their original plan and standard subscriber limit, I was averaging a very nice ROI every month. This can be huge when you’re just starting out, because you’re testing the waters in your business and email marketing is nothing but a huge split test in the beginning.

When you upgrade to more subscribers and more lists, you’ll be paying more but you’ll be earning more from a larger list as well. So the ratio of profitability persists.

2. Quick Creation and Sending of Email Newsletters

You can import your existing email templates or even create those that fit your needs. Then cycle between those to see which ones are getting the best response using AWeber’s tracking features and campaign statistics. The best part is, it’s easy and gets done at the click of a button.

The autoresponder follow up series was important to me. I wanted a system that allowed me to automate my communication so I can respond when I’m teaching yoga or sleeping! You can set up your emails in advance with the autoresponder system which allows you to schedule when your letters go out.

3. Scheduling of Mail Campaigns

If you’re planning ahead or are unconfirmed of the future time chart of your JVs, then just schedule the ready campaigns for a time in the future with their date feature or use the dropdown calenders.

You can even set an entire sequence of emails to be sent out during a content reception plan or a launch sequence of videos that you want your list to be.

With Aweber tracking you can see who opened your messages and who didn’t, which links were clicked (and by whom), how much revenue your message generated and how many people unsubscribed.

4. Easy List Management

You can start a separate list for all your campaigns and even merge your lists. Further integrate lists with your RSS feeds to deliver new content from your AWeber account directly into the browsers of all your subscribers.

You can also easily segregate and filter contacts from your lists to send special communications. Unsubscribing is easy for the contact as the mail will NOT end up in their spam box and can be done at the click of a button.

You can manage your subscribers – collect, manage and send to specific segments of your subscribers.

You can choose between sending plain text emails or beautiful HTML templates with over 150 different styles to choose from. I have found the templates to be easy to work with and the drag and drop method of building your newsletter makes it a piece of cake to create a nice document.

5. Awesome Optin Form Designs

AWeber autoresponder services offer you tons of email templates to choose from according to the design and feel of the webpage you will use the optin form on, so that it can easily blend in with the visuals as well as the code on that page, without looking extraordinarily out of place or UN-professional.You can create attractive looking sign up forms and edit them as you see fit. There are a variety of designs to choose from. You can even add a graphic to your sign up form.

6. Training and Support

Training is important when using a marketing tool. You want concise video and print tutorials to help you easily figure out how everything works. AWeber has a very thorough library of tutorials. And… when you can’t figure something out, you can always contact them and they will get you an answer. I have been very happy with the customer service and have hardly ever had to contact them because their instructions are so clear.

Getting Started with Email Marketing : Learn how you can grow your business with email marketing.

Join more than 20,000 people who’ve taken this course to learn how to write emails that help them reach their goals. 

7. Cost/Pricing

Pricing is also an important consideration. For Free you can try AWeber for a month. I think that’s a pretty good deal. After that, you pay $19 per month and have full access to all the features for up to 500 email subscribers. The prices increase from there, but you don’t have to worry about that until you get a bunch of subscribers. That’s the tricky part about online marketing – driving traffic and getting subscribers. Give up one Starbucks venti cappucino per week and your email marketing costs are covered!

8. Affiliate Program

One nice feature for online marketers is the affiliate program. It seems to make sense that if you are using and loving the product, you can refer others to it also and AWeber will pay you a commission when someone purchases from you. I doubt you would make a fortune from this one product; however, every dime adds up and why not create a variety of income streams that add up?

9. Additional Help

The Aweber Blog is very helpful. They are always coming up with ideas to help you understand online marketing even better and how to maximize your time and efforts with email marketing.

I was looking for simplicity, which means I didn’t have to spend hours upon hours figuring out the system. AWeber was easy to figure out and I had trouble with another system I used (which was free). Simplicity and time saving go hand in hand.

I highly recommend AWeber Communications for your Email Support and marketing. As you can see in the graphic below, I Love AWeber. I’m not the only one. Most of the people I know using email marketing programs are using AWeber. Don’t take my word for it. For free absolutely you can try it for one month and see how you like it. If you are going to build any kind of a list where you are communicating to that list regularly and providing solutions to your subscribers, you need this tool to be an effective marketer.

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Bluehost Review : How far is it Reliable for WordPress?

Bluehost Hosting Review


The most common, popular and robust web publishing platform is WordPress. It’s free, but you’ll need to pay for hosting. I have used WordPress across a variety of different servers and one question I’m always getting asked is: “Who is the best WordPress host?”

The best WordPress shared hosts : If you are just starting out as a blogger I could not recommend a better host than Bluehost.

Bluehost shared hosting is cheap, has many powerful tools and the support is very impressive. The replies from support may not come super quick but you do at least get a human answering your questions not copy-and-paste answers. BlueHost is one of the largest web hosts, hosting over 450,000 domains. It`s Highly recommended.

Which is the best hosting provider for your WordPress blog? With so many companies and packages how do you choose which is the best for your blog? I’ve compared the leading hosting providers so that you can make the right decision.

Today there are a lot of hosting companies which you can choose to host your WordPress blog. Not all are the same however. Most will provide a reasonable level of service, with good uptime and features. But when your blog traffic grows will your hosting package have enough bandwidth? As your blog files increase will you have enough disk space?

I have compared the leading hosting providers and short listed the top packages. Each of these is perfect for running a WordPress blog. They all offer great uptime and support and enough bandwidth and disk space for your blog to grow without you having to go through the painful task of moving hosting company. Here are the top WordPress Hosting Providers.

1st place goes to BlueHost. BlueHost are one of the leading hosting companies today. They offer those extra touches such as the latest version of cPanel and Fantastico, so that you can easily install and manage your WordPress blog. With a massive 300Gb of disk space and 3000Gb of bandwidth you can happily grow you blog content and readership without outgrowing your hosting package.

2nd place goes to SiteGround. They are the fastest growing hosting company on the internet. This is due to their excellent customer care and support response. With an incredible starter plan of 10 GB disk space and suitable for 10,000 visitors a month your blog can grow and grow and grow. SiteGround offer unlimited domains and databases, so if you are looking to host more than one blog on your account after upgrading your account, SiteGround is perfect.

Bluehost Review.

When checking on BlueHost reviews and discounts, one can find value-for-money web hosting services. For those who own businesses and want full functionality with a reasonable price, BlueHost is the complete solution. It offers unlimited disk storage, drag and drop site builder, international domain names support, cPanel control, FTP access and a lot more.

Since its commencement of operation in 1996, BlueHost has established a good reputation of being reliable in terms of support and technical service. It includes site backup. BlueHost network has a backup to ensure that it goes online all the time. The hosting package even offers a 100 percent money back guarantee at any time. BlueHost-hosted websites are submitted for free to search engines automatically.

This Bluehost review will focus on the more important aspects of web hosting. There are many web hosting services available, and it can be difficult to choose the service most appropriate for your needs. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, and no individual hosting service stands out above all others. Here is the result of our evaluation of the Bluehost web hosting service.

Bluehost has offered web hosting since 1996, so is not exactly a new kid on the block – it has a proven history, which makes it easy to review and comment upon. It hosts over 2 million domains, or websites, and is one of the top hosting services worldwide. Here are the salient features of this service.

From the business owner to the individual who desires full functionality on a small budget, Bluehost provides your complete web hosting solution. View a listing of what we offer below or try our services for yourself by accessing our online demo site.

Why BlueHost?  An outstanding support, speed and flexibility.

24/7 Support
SimpleScripts 1-Click installs
Chosen To Support Millions Of Sites
SSH Secure Shell Access
True Resource Management
Proven Track Record
Blazing Fast Servers



Bluehost Web Hosting Plans

BlueHost packages are the best. Being in the web hosting industry for quite some time, BlueHost reviews and discounts attest and make it to have a good service record. Its hardware is user-friendly and its content management system is easy-to-use. Its packages for shared and reseller accounts just suit all levels of internet use.

It is important for businesses to have a hosting service having secure pages as well as shopping cart facility so that they can have business online. These are SSL certificates which are typically offered for extra by some hosts, but BlueHost includes this as a part of the basic package while other web hosts charge extra for.

Bluehost offers a Shared Web Hosting plan, but also more advanced options if you are seeking a more professional form of hosting. There are four levels of VPS hosting (virtual private server), three levels of dedicated web hosting, where you have a dedicated server rather than sharing, and three levels of reseller hosting, where you can run your own web hosting business using Bluehost.



BlueHost WordPress Hosting : BlueHost is Committed to WordPress. BlueHost works to not only power the best WordPress platform, but to help WordPress thrive. BlueHost host over 1 million WordPress websites support full-time WordPress Core developers on staff, and sponsor WordCamps worldwide.



BlueHost VPS Hosting, a server is cut into small portions and each client has one part of the server for their own use. It is not share with anyone else. This increases the speed significantly with less chance of downtime. With dedicated web hosting you have an entire server to yourself. This can accommodate much larger websites with massively increased processing speed and improved security.



WordPress for Ecommerce : WordPress is a powerful content management system designed to work with the best shopping carts and online stores in the world. And, with WooCommerce seamlessly integrated, taking credit cards and processing orders is a breeze. Use the power of WordPress, reliability of Bluehost, and versatility of WooCommerce to get your online store up and running fast.


BlueHost Cloud Hosting, Making Cloud Effortless. The cloud can seem complex and intimidating. And BlueHost reinvented it.

#1 Safer –  On the cloud your website is more reliable. Your data is automatically mirrored across three distinct devices. Should hardware issues arise at one, our failover technology automatically designates one copy of your website to keep functioning while the other two copies work to rebuild.

#2 Faster – No more long load times. Along with premium hardware and low-density servers, our cloud platform includes a varnish caching layer and global cdn to ensure your server resources are focused where they should be. Static website content is managed more efficiently so dynamic requests can be processed quicker than ever.

#3 Simpler – Understand your site’s performance at a glance. Simple yet useful dashboards provide a quick view into usage trends, page download speed, uptime, global reach, and more. And with instant resource management, you’ll never need to worry about your site going down due to traffic spikes again.

#4 Bigger – More web traffic should never slow you down. As your online presence grows, amp up your cloud usage with the click of a button. Either pick a more powerful plan, or add CPU and RAM a la carte as needed. All without having to worry about reboots, cryptic usage fees, or downtime.




BlueHost Dedicated Hosting : Tuned for Ultimate Performance.
New functionality brings maximum power to everyone.

Extreme Speed : Each server is custom built in-house by our engineers using only the latest technology. And their use of open source technology, like OpenStack, gives us the flexibility to upgrade performance over time.

Instant Provisioning : Whereas most dedicated solutions take hours or days to activate, bluehost technology allows us to provision dedicated servers immediately. Your server is standing by so it’s ready for you the second you need it.

RAID Storage : BlueHost uses only high quality storage with RAID level 1 support on their dedicated servers. Your drives are completely mirrored, ensuring your data is extremely well protected. This feature is not found on most dedicated solutions.

Storage Upgrades : Add hosting storage on the fly as you need it. With BlueHosts enhanced cPanel, you can increase available storage space in real time without requiring admin intervention.

Root Access : For advanced users, BlueHost improved control panel provides optional root access, giving you full control of your server.

Dedicated Support : Get expedited help from agents who specialize in dedicated hosting. BlueHost dedicated team works closely with the same engineers who maintain your server, so they are able to troubleshoot at a moment’s notice.



VPS, Dedicated and Reseller web hosting is intended more for professionals than those simply seeking their own personal website or a platform for a blog or online home business. We shall be focusing this Bluehost review on the popular shared hosting service which is generally used by people with ordinary websites with or without a blog such as WordPress.

BlueHost Hosting Resources :

Bluehost offers unlimited hosting resources. This means that you can host unlimited files, and use unlimited bandwidth. Remember, however, that they have certain fair usage policies (Bluehost limit). But the fair usage policy limit is so high that you will probably find it to be the same as “unlimited”. For example, they allow MySQL size of 3Gb.

Unless you are running an auto-script, or auto-blogging, you are very unlikely to reach that limit. They have a CPU limit, but again that’s high compared to other hosting services, and in most cases Bluehost will transfer you to a more powerful server if necessary.

Bluehost Hosting Features :

1…Unlimited number of websites for $6.95 per month.
2…You can easily register your domain names within Bluehost. It’s a one-stop-shop.
3…Outstanding technical support and customer service via telephone, live chat and e-mail. Part I of my Bluehost reviews series tells you about 2 instances where Bluehost’s service really shone and made me a committed loyal customer.
4…1 Click installation of popular CMS platforms WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Setting up WordPress with Bluehost is incredibly easy.
5…Courtesy website backups (this saved me an entire 60 page website). This feature alone could save you an incredible amout of grief (as it did me).
6…Unlimited number of e-mail accounts per domain name. Never lack an e-mail account again. It takes about 30 seconds to set up an e-mail account.
7…Unlimited hosting space (build websites as big as you like… I do).
8…Secure options such as SSL for e-commerce sites.
9…$50 Free Google Credit.
10..9% Network Uptime Guarantee – there have been times my sites were down – but it’s very infrequent and they weren’t down for long.

*features vary according to product offer selected.
Features Overview Free Website Scripts
Unlimited Disk Storage Unlimited Message Forum (PHPBB and More)  Yes
Unlimited Domain Hosting  Yes Form-mail Scripts  Yes
Free Drag and Drop Site Builder (New!)  Yes Social Networking Scripts  Yes
Free Domain Name (*) One Year Blog Support (WordPress, b2evolution, …)  Yes
Support International Domain Names  Yes Mailing Lists  Yes
POP3YesPOP3 Secure E-mail Support Unlimited Image Galleries (Coppermine and more)  Yes
IMAPYesSecure IMAP E-mail Support Unlimited Poll and Survey Software  Yes
3 Different Webmail (Web Based E-mail) Solutions  Yes Moodle  Yes
Forwarding E-mail Accounts Unlimited Tikiwiki  Yes
Unlimited GB of Site Transfer Unlimited Drupal  Yes
Add-on Domains Unlimited Joomla  Yes
Parked Domains Unlimited Project Management Scripts  Yes
Subdomains Unlimited Help CenterYesSupport Ticket Scripts  Yes
cPanel Account Control Panel  Yes
FTP Access  Yes E-Commerce Features  Yes
Web File Manager  Yes SSL Secure Server  Yes
Secure Shell (SSH) Access  Yes OS Commerce Shopping Cart  Yes
Server Side Includes  Yes Agora Shopping Cart  Yes
Hotlink Protection  Yes Cube Cart Shopping Cart  Yes
Override .htaccess Support  Yes Zen Cart Shopping Cart  Yes
Log Files  Yes Free Generated Certificate  Yes
Site Statistics  Yes Password Protected Directories  Yes
Customizable Error Pages  Yes OpenPGPYesGPG Encryption  Yes
Custom Cronjobs  Yes
Spam Assassin Protection  Yes
Multimedia Features
CGIYesDatabases  Yes Streaming Video Support  Yes
MySQL Databases  Yes Streaming Audio Support  Yes
PostgreSQL Databases  Yes Real Audio and Video Support  Yes
CGI-BIN  Yes MIDI File Support  Yes
CGI Library  Yes Add Custom MIME Types  Yes
PHP 5  Yes
Support for Custom PHP.INI Files  Yes World Class Technology  Yes
Perl 5
Python  Yes Dual Quad Processor Performance Servers  Yes
RubyYesRuby on Rails  Yes UPS Power Backup  Yes
MySQL 5 Database Server  Yes Diesel Generator Backup Power  Yes
PostgreSQL Database Server  Yes Linux Operating System  Yes
Javascript Support  Yes Customized Apache Web Server  Yes
DHTML Support  Yes 24Yes7 Network Monitoring  Yes
Flash Support  Yes Courtesy Site Backups  Yes
Shockwave Support  Yes Multiple 10GigaBit Ethernet Connections  Yes
SimpleScripts 1-Click Script Installs  Yes

Bluehost Web Hosting Prices

To many people, the price is a very important aspect of a hosting service.  All the hosting plans and prices has been shown above through screenshots. There are many ‘offers’ provided on hosting websites that are designed to attract potential clients. Bluehost is one of these. The website gives a special offer of $3.49/month (rather than the regular $7.99) which looks great. However, you may or may not notice the little star beside the price.

Like most other web hosting services, Bluehost prices are not what they may seem. The $3.49 offer is for 36 months payment in advance, but to be fair it is only $125.64 for 3 years. If you do not want to pay in advance, the price is $11.99/month (you need to arrange a special link for this.) These do not include tax, and in the EU you have to add 20% VAT onto these prices.

These prices are reasonable for the type of hosting involved. Keep in mind that we are discussing the type of web hosting suitable for small businesses, internet marketing, hobbies and blogging. There are lower cost hosting services available, but you must compare the prices with the quality of the service and its reputation.

You can choose your own domain name, and get it free for the first year, and a $14.00 renewal price thereafter. If you want a second domain name Bluehost charges $11.99. If you can get it below that price then do so, then point it to your Bluehost DNS.
Bluehost Shared Hosting Prices

In this Bluehost review it should be also mentioned that the company offers a ‘Pro’ version of regular hosting at $13.95/month. For this you get a free domain for the life of your account, free domain privacy, a dedicated IP and an SSL certificate.

Bluehost Control Panel Interface :

It is important for any web hosting service to provide a good interface between the user and the services and tools offered. Along with many other web hosting services, Bluehost uses cPanel, the world’s most popular website control panel. It is graphical, and very easy to use to manage a website hosted account. It is used by most of the popular web hosting services where a customized interface is required.

Using cPanel, you can access unlimited email accounts, you can edit your websites (again unlimited) using the HTML and text editors provided, can set up large numbers of databases, and can install third-party software such as WordPress at the simple click of a button. The cPanel interface also offers traffic analysis software and a great deal more. It is easy to build your regular website using the tools available with cPanel, and just as easy to connect it to a WordPress blog.

Bluehost Support Services

BlueHost gained the reputation of being great in customer support. It prioritizes the request for support from its clients. Its customers do not need technical skills or expertise to be able to maximize its services as BlueHost suits all types of customers. There is nothing to fear even when your website has thousands of visitors. The operation still becomes smooth and stable.

As with any review, this Bluehost review takes support services very serious. The level and quality of support is extremely important. If you have a problem then you don’t want to wait days to have it resolved. This could be critical to your business, so the support options available are a very important aspect of any web hosting service. The level of support offered by Bluehost cannot be faulted, at least in terms of our own experience.

Bluehost support services include 24/7 toll-free (within USA) telephone support, a postal address, an email ticket-based support system and Live Chat. We tested email and Live Chat, asking legitimate questions for real reasons (not just for testing) at 1000 Eastern Time. Response to the emails arrived 28 hours later. Over three Live Chat sessions, the longest response time was 2.35 minutes. Chat agents were very professional, and a rating system was available.

Reliability and Uptime

While the company offers no uptime guarantee as they once did, research carried out during the preparation of this Bluehost review found an average of over 99.9% over all sources checked. Although downages must, and do, take place, they are limited in their extent and the staff is very quick to get you restarted.

Any hosting service that claims 0% downtime is being less than honest. No service is perfect, and downages must occur – even if they are not the fault of the service itself. In saying that, many users reported serious downtime in February of 2013. This was due to a power surge to the servers, and Bluehost could perhaps have been more explicit in explaining the reasons why.
However, other than this specific instance, Bluehost has no more downtime in general than any other service. The company was quick in informing its customers of the reason for the February outage, and there has been no recurrence.

During the research into this Bluehost review we paid particular attention to the back-up capability of the servers. The data center contains up-to-date quad processor servers, a back-up power generator and mirrored storage backups. All of this is monitored by humans 24/7.

What makes BlueHost gain reputation all through these years are the following: reliability, rich features, fast speed, cost-effective and knowledgeable technical support. It offers a single unlimited professional and effective shared web service. It is the only shared web hosting company that has three dedicated data centers in Utah and the US. It now supports more than two million customers all over the world, and is still growing. Know more about BlueHost.

My 2 Criticisms of Bluehost

1..They don’t inform you of any system upgrades/updates that will result in websites being down temporarily. I called them about this and their response was they used to send out notices, but they would get so many calls about the upcoming operation that it was more trouble for all concerned than it was worth. Fortunately such upgrades/updates are so infrequent that it’s not really an issue with me.

2..Their domain name availability search screen isn’t very user-friendly. I actually search for domain availability at GoDaddy because it’s a great interface. Once I find the domain name I want, I register it with Bluehost.

Bluehost Review: Conclusions

In the highly competitive industry of web hosting and with millions of websites coming into existence, the need of web hosting companies also grow. Choosing the best web hosts is quite tough as they compete with each other in terms of price, packages and discounts. Even looking at the more experienced hosts is not a guarantee that you will pick the best one. Reliability should be the first factor, followed by features and support. Aside from that, it is important as well to check on what other people say about them and what’s in it for you; such as checking BlueHost reviews and discounts.

Bluehost is a modern, reliable hosting service suitable for both small and large businesses. It is also good for hobby and marketing blogs and, other than the occasional blip, has a good record for reliability. When compared to similar cPanel-based web hosting services, Bluehost ranks alongside Hostgator as being one of the more popular services available.

Pricing seems to be based on pre-payment options, ranging from 12 to 36 months payment in advance, while straight monthly payments are charged at a premium. However, if you get the online offer price and can afford the prepayment, it is a good idea to pay only $1258.64 and then have nothing to bother about for 3 whole years.

Visit Bluehost Now
A guarantee is provided, and if you are dissatisfied with the service at any time, you can leave and have the balance of your prepayment returned. You still pay for the time used, but if you quit after 6 months of a 36 month contract, for example, you get 30 months returned – less the actual cost to Bluehost of the domain name for which you were not charged.

Disclosure : I am an affiliate of Bluehost, and I get a commission when you click a link and purchase hosting. That’s how I maintain this website. It doesn’t cost you anything. In fact, I guarantee you get the best price when you use my link.

SiteGround Hosting Reviews – Crafted with Care, A vivid look at the Hosting Business

SiteGround Hosting Reviews

SiteGround is a web hosting company founded in 2004 and servicing more than 500,000 domains worldwide. It provides shared hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated servers. Currently, the company employs over 400 people.

Server infrastructure and setup

SiteGround has data centers in 5 countries, the United States, the Netherlands, UK, Milan and Singapore. SiteGround runs CentOS, Apache, MySQL, PHP and WHM/cPanel on its servers. The company has developed software solutions for account isolation, monitoring and reaction, and speed-optimization, sold under the 1H brand and used by other Linux hosting companies. Their in-house built SuperCacher provide users to boost their website speed and with the help LXC technology, they managed to build cutting edge server technology to deliver maximum server uptime.

In 2008, the company introduced the best account isolation protocol which protect each and every single account on a shared server. Before that, it was impossible and now the same system to isolate shared hosting account is commonly used by many web hosts.

SiteGround uses SSD (Solid State Drives) to store data that is why their servers are way faster than any other shared hosting service.

Involvement in open-source communities

SiteGround works with open source communities such as Joomla, WordPress,. Magento, and others. It provides custom server and application solutions for many open source applications, offers a collection of free tutorials and templates for many applications, and organizes educational webinars on different topics.

Data-Centers in 5 different locations:


SiteGround partners with multiple companies such as SingleHop, SoftLayer, CloudFlare, OpenSRS, cPanel, GlobalSign, Softaculous, 1H, Spam Experts, and Open Classifieds.

Finding the right website hosting provider has grown more difficult in recent years because of the glut of companies out there ready to make big promises, collect your checks, and then under deliver.

SiteGround and other hosting companies like it know there is still a competitive benefit to be had in the marketplace by delivering on promises and offering dozens of benefits that add to the experience long after you have committed to their product. A website hosting company can literally make or break your website, and teaming up with the wrong kind will have you pulling your hair out and possibly too frustrated to go on. However, if you stick to sites like SiteGround, which employ the following, you should always have the level of quality service that you need in a provider.

For starters, you need to be able to reach whoever with your questions, comments, and concerns, any time of the day or night. With a great number hosting providers keeping the same hours that your employers do, it can be difficult to work on your website or internet business unless you are already doing it full-time. Unfortunately, this is not possible for a great number Internet entrepreneurs starting out. SiteGround and some of the other veteran companies out there post user service expert at your beckon call any time of the day or night. If you have any technical issues or questions with regard to the service, billing-virtually anything-then you can catch way outs through an internet chat service, email, or a phone call.

But basic questions of functionality can often be taken care of through the use of an intuitive control panel, or cPanel. cpanel web hosting allows you to make most of the key decisions with regard to how your site looks and operates. Since it is so easy to work with, a great number site owners and internet business expert can forgo the hiring of a technical wizard to make updates and upgrades to the site. This places more control and a better sense of understanding in one’s own hands and enables the creation of a website one can truly be proud of.

  1. cPanel Demo
    While the cPanel is one of the most important aspects of finding the right website hosting company, sites like SiteGround go one step further and allow users to pay for unlimited access to data storage, domain purchasing, and transfer rates so that a site will never become a fool of its own success. By taking care of this upfront, there will never be any question as to whether or not your site(s) can handle the demands of a bump in traffic. You can also manage all sites through one service Business Management Articles, thus streamlining your business and making it easier to achieve success in the internet marketplace.

If you’re not currently hosted with SiteGround and want to see a cPanel demo, this will help you explore the different options once you purchase a SiteGround plan. You will find many features I’ve gone over including Cloudflare CDN, autoupdates, autoinstallers, staging, backups, email, WordPress tools like their SuperCacher plugin, and plenty of other features.


2.   Uptime Technology

SiteGround has outstanding uptime technology that is actually 99.99%. If you’ve ever experienced internal server errors, bad gateways, connection failures, and other messages when your site goes down, you shouldn’t get this with SiteGround. I use Uptime Robot to monitor my uptimes which are at 100%. They use Linux containers, server monitoring, secure account isolation, etc. Other WordPress hosts say 99.99% but fail to deliver. Not SiteGround.

SiteGround UpTime-Robot

Seriously, check their Facebook Page and you’ll see customers love these updates…

If you’ve spent any time at all shopping for a web host, you’re familiar with the importance of uptime. A hosting company’s uptime percentage tells you how often, on average, you can expect your website to be “down” or unavailable.siteground-hosting-uptime

It’s not possible for any hosting service to claim 100% uptime since there are too many variables in play to be sure that there will never be a downtime. However, SiteGround does guarantee a 99.99% uptime.

That’s impressive by any standard, and they live up to it. They use monitoring software that notifies them immediately when there is an outage and works to resolve it.

To put it in perspective, 99.99% uptime means that your site might be down for a little over four hours in any six month period.

SiteGround’s uptime percentages are truly impressive. Their overall average is 99.99% uptime, and a look at their website in April of 2017 revealed:

  • A monthly average uptime for the past 30 days of 99.999%
  • An annual average uptime for the past 365 days of 99.996%

In practical terms, SiteGround’s customers hardly ever have to worry about their websites not being available.


3. Speed Technology


SiteGround has Always the Hottest Speed Technologies!

Latest web hosting speed technologies are SiteGround`s passion. It does not matter if it is faster hardware, an innovative network architecture or a new software solution. If there is something that can make your website faster, SiteGround will be among the first to implement it.


SSD drives on all plans!
Files and databases on all of SiteGround shared hosting plans are stored on cutting-edge Solid State Drive technology. SSDs provide for a 1000x increase in input/output operations as compared to regular drives.

SSD drives are included in all shared and cloud plans.


NGINX server speed
SiteGround uses NGINX web server technology to speed up the load of the static content of all the websites they host.
NGINX setup is included in all shared and cloud plans. It is also available for dedicated servers as part of the performance boosters.


Geeky SuperCacher
For the most popular applications – WordPress, Joomla and Drupal SiteGround has also built their own caching mechanism based on NGINX reverse proxy. It speeds up dramatically the serving of the dynamic content of the sites too. SiteGround SuperCacher also allows website speed optimization through memcached and Google page speed.
Learn how to activate the SuperCacher


Free CDN available
SiteGround free Cloudflare CDN makes your website load faster in any part of the world by caching its content and distributing it over multiple data centers. When foreign visitors access your website, our CDN delivers the content much faster from the data center closest to them.
Learn how to activate the Cloudflare CDN


HTTP/2 enabled servers
HTTP/2 is the newest network protocol, which significantly speeds up loading of websites in the browser. SiteGround is proud to be among the first hosts to support it on all their servers. HTTP/2 requires encrypted connection. To allow anyone take advantage of this great protocol SiteGround provides Let’s Encrypt free SSL Certificates.
Learn how to activate Let’s Encrypt and HTTP/2


Whenever a technology or update is introduced, that makes php executions faster, you can count on SiteGround Developer Engineers to implement it promptly on SiteGround servers. For example, SiteGround made it possible for their users to take advantage of PHP7, which is known for its great speed benefits, while it was still in beta.

Learn how to activate PHP7 for your account

Learn how to activate HHVM on a cloud account

Watch Also:


Speed test results

graphicSiteGround has used several tools like Pingdom.comGoogle PageSpeed, the page loading speed tool included in Chrome browser and ySlowextension for Mozilla to measure our website speed and its optimization level. The site shows consistent results of loading below 1 second from different world locations(The numbers we had are in the range 0.66-0.88 secs).

Just to give you a little context how this compares with others: from the 15 other leading web hosts they have tested only one has achieved similar loading results. However, our home page structure is considerably more complex and includes more images, java script and dynamic content. The average loading time for the industry is around 2 sec, which is more than 2 times slower than their results.

How did SiteGround achieve that?

SiteGround developer engineers minimized the number of HTTP requests sent to the server until the page load event from 40 down to under 10. They did that by optimizing the images and putting all of them into image spritesminifying JavaScript, CSS files and combining them into one single file; minifying HTML and gziping all resources that could be gzipped.

SiteGround developer engineers also takes advantage of a Content Delivery Network (or CDN), which hosts our images and static content (JavaScript, CSS) and delivers it to the end user from the closest to POP (Point of Presence), which also greatly reduces the load time of the website.

On top of all those optimizations they did, SiteGround also started caching their website using the same principles that are behind the SiteGround SuperCacher, making the HTML generation of all pages nearly immediate. HTML is now delivered to the end user within just 0.01 seconds plus the round trip time of the packets. And this is INSANELY FAST. All the other optimizations they did account for only 30% of the speed optimization, wheras the SuperCacher does the rest of the speeding up. SiteGround’s website now uses all of the following – SuperCacher Dynamic Caching, Memcached and SuperCacher static caching.

Is this magic applicable for its customers’ websites?

Yes, absolutely! Actually, the speed optimization tools were available to SiteGround customers even before its new website launch:

Cloudflare CDNCDN

SiteGround has included a CDN service that can be used free of charge. It not only distributes a copy of your website to different geographical locations but includes options for further speed optimization like autominify and railgun.


SiteGround has also provided access to all caching options through its SuperCacher to all customers that use a plan higher than the StartUp. With just few clicks you can improve your site performance drastically.

So, go on and make your website faster now! It is easy — you just have to switch on the corresponding tools in your cPanel:


4.  Support : Tickets Answered In 10 Minute

A hosting service can have state-of-the-art technology and good security, but for most people, it’s what happens when things go wrong that matters the most.

SiteGround is a company that prides itself on client support. They make customer service a priority and it shows in their reviews and the loyalty of their clients.


The fact is that SiteGround’s response times leave their competitors in the dust. The average response time for a ticket for their closest competitor is 44 minutes – but SiteGround’s response time is just eight minutes.

They offer three ways to get support:

  • Chat support will get you an immediate reply and is available 24 hours a day
  • Likewise, phone support is staffed around the clock and will get you an instant reply
  • Submitting a ticket will get you a reply in less than 10 minutes – less if you have paid for one of their priority services

Instead of waiting hours (or even days) for help with your site, you can count on SiteGround to give you a timely response. Of course, that means you can pass on the same excellent services to your site’s users.

SiteGround is undoubtedly setting the standard for support. Their team is SUPER helpful with WordPress (they also participate in tons of WordCamps) and have actually tweaked my Wordfence settings when I was having issues. Tickets are usually answered within 10 minutes especially if you have their GrowBig and GoGeek plan which come with priority support. And if you’re currently hosted somewhere else, SiteGround will migrate you for free.

It’s the fastest support in the industry…


People love their support…


5. Security  : SiteGround’s Always On Their Game

SiteGround`s team of security specialists work around the clock in order to provide you with a safe WordPress environment that you can use to create your sites without worrying whether you hosting account is secured or not.

  • Automatic WordPress Updates
  • Expert Security Team
  • State-of-the-art Account Isolation System
  • WordPress-specific Firewall
  • Latest PHP & MySQL Versions


SiteGround uses Linux containers and account isolation to prevent other websites on your server from effecting yours, plus ongoing patches and security monitoring. Of course you should change your generic Admin username and install a plugin like Wordfence, but SiteGround will do their part. Their development team constantly makes sure your site isn’t affected by threats which (if your site has ever been hacked) you know how important it is…Here’s how SiteGround protects your website (also listed on the features page)…

HackAlert is the latest malware detection and early warning system available out there, powered by SiteGround partner GlobalSign-one of the longest established Certification Authorities and specialists in SSL security.

Malware is developed and improved every day to compromise PCs and spread viruses, hijack computers or steal personal information. One of the biggest fears of website owners is for their site to be infected with hidden malicious code and then used as a vehicle to distribute it to the website visitors. Unless remedied quickly, an infected website will shortly be flagged or blacklisted by search engines like Google for hosting malicious content. When visiting a flagged website, its visitors and potential customers will see worrying warnings about the site potentially harming their computers. In both cases, you can expect a steady drop in your website traffic, at the least.


HackAlert is a new, cloud-based service that identifies hidden zero-day malware and drive-by downloads in websites and online advertisements. Its greatest strength lies in its early-warning function- it sends out an immediate warning to the website owner, before search engines blacklist the website. This allows for an immediate remedy action to protect customers, their business reputation and revenues.

What’s even more, HackAlert is delivered as a web service – SiteGround customers only need to activate it for the domain name of their choice – no need to install appliances or download any software.

Existing customers will be able to add HackAlert to their domain names on the link below by visiting their SiteGround Customer Area :  SiteGround Clients HackAlert Order

New clients can also take advantage of the new malware detection and early alert system by adding it to their new Hosting Account order:  Sign up for Web Hosting with HackAlert Malware Monitoring

6.  Shared Hosting : StartUp vs. GrowBig vs. GoGeek

SiteGround’s hosting options are designed to meet a broad base of customer needs based on traffic, storage requirements, performance, uptime criteria, and features. Refer to SiteGround’s web site for specifics on offering costs/fees and the latest configurations available.

SiteGround offers several features with their hosting solutions. Through the use of the built-in control panel, users are able to create multiple email addresses and utilize the built-in password checker to check and enforce password strength. Also using the control panel, users have access to several open-source e-commerce applications such as PrestaShop, CS-Cart, and Magento, to name a few. Whether users are setting up a store, shopping cart, or other aspect of ecommerce, SiteGround offers built-in access to any number of tools necessary to complete the process.

The main difference is StartUp can only host 1 website but still comes with tons of features. GrowBig includes more server resources (faster website), priority support, and 30 daily backups (instead of 1 with StartUp). GoGeek comes with even more server resources (considered semi-dedicated hosting) and you can create a staging site to test code, designs, plugins… before launching. All higher plans come with everything in the previous lower plan.

Here’s the full comparison chart


StartUp – cheapest plan sufficient for hosting 1 website with little traffic. Better than most $3.95/month plans from other hosts but lacks server resources (for speed), storage, priority support, and the helpful backup restoration tool (though you still get 1 daily backup). 99% uptimes and no internal server and other hosting-related errors from my own experience.

1. All essential features $3.95/month
2. Host 1 website only 10GB Space
3. 10,000 Visits Lacks server resources

GrowBig – host multiple websites with nearly 2x more server resources than StartUp (resulting in faster load times). Double the storage space, priority support and staging. Includes 30 daily backups and the backup restoration tool. Advanced caching if you use SG CachePress

1. All essential features $5.95/month
2. Host unlimited websites 20GB space
3. 25,000 Visits 3 levels of SuperCacher
4. 30 daily backups Wildcard SSL certificate
5. Priority support About 2x server resources
6. Backup & restoration service About 2x email resources
7. WordPress special cache Best cost/value ratio

GoGeek – semi-dedicated hosting and is about 4x faster than regular shared hosting plans. Perfect for people who want a super fast website but don’t want to pay $80/month for cloud hosting. Includes staging (for testing before launching), unlimited restores by SiteGround’s support team, and e-Commerce features like 1 year free Wildcard SSL and PCI compliance for credit card fraud protection. GoGeek includes all features of GrowBig plus everything below:

1. All essential features $11.95/month
2. Host unlimited websites 30GB space
3. 100,000 Visits Free PCI Compliance
4. 1 click WordPress Staging Pre-Installed Git
5. Premium Backup & Restore About 3x server resources
6. SG-Git for repo creation About 3x email resources
7. WordPress special cache Fastest shared hosting plan


7.  Cloud Hosting : Isolated Servers Are More Reliable

Based on innovative technology, SiteGround cloud hosting platform is ultra fast, autoscalable and allows you to customize your plan. It comes with 24/7 VIP support. Whether you are starting a small development project or need to host a high-traffic enterprise site, your best managed cloud hosting option is here.SiteGround-Cloud-Hosting-Plans

There are 3 Things You must Know About SiteGround Clouds

SiteGround introduced a new cloud platform built on Linux containers almost 2 years ago. Since then and especially during 2016, it is seen a very dynamic development in this service. There has been a sharp increase in the number of new cloud hosting accounts opened with SiteGround, as well as a threefold increase in the upgrade activity within existing cloud servers. So, SiteGround recently took time to analyze their users behavior and they have some interesting findings that they would like to share.

SiteGround Clouds are Now Used by Really Big Websites

At the beginning, most of SiteGround cloud users were mainly people, who had simply outgrown their shared hosting plan. Their sites were just a little bigger than the ones they host on their shared servers. That is why SiteGround came up with an entry cloud configuration, that provides affordable access to a powerful cloud platform to any website.

During the last year, though, SiteGround witnessed a major shift in their cloud user base – more and more bigger production sites were starting to use cloud service, and they needed more resources. To adequately address these new needs, SiteGround has recently substantially increased the parameters of their Entry plan.

Clients Configure Their Own Cloud Resources

One of the features SiteGround was particularly proud of at the launch of Linux containers cloud was the flexibility it provided. The “Create Your Own Plan” link may not stand out prominently on our website, but this is obviously an yet unmatched resource flexibility option that SiteGround clients appreciate and use intensively.

It turns out that every second cloud SiteGround manage has a custom configuration different from the ones predefined on our website. This comes as no surprise, as none of our immediate competitors provides a similar and easily available feature. Another explanation is that adding more resources to SiteGround cloud plans is practically seamless. SiteGround container based platform allows each user to upgrade their CPU cores, memory or space at any time without delay or downtime.

The Hidden Treasure of Cloud Service is The Autoscale Feature

SiteGround autoscale feature allows automatic adding of resources to a cloud account in times of traffic spikes without any service interruption. The customer can choose upon what level of resource usage the system should add more units of CPU or memory and how many of them. Then the system checks the resource usage every 5 seconds and when an increasing consumption is noticed, it reacts in accordance with the settings.

The Autoscale is highly valued, especially among a certain group of SiteGround customers, who tend to run marketing campaigns that result in irregularities in their incoming traffic and whose website availability is more than critical for their business results. However, it seems that there are still many users, who are unaware of the existence and the real benefits of our autoscaling.

8.  Dedicated Server : $229/month But Ridiculously Fast

As a person who manages a website or blog, you would reach a point when the shared hosting server isn’t enough to serve your purposes. There are further options available, as you know, such as the higher shared hosting plans! That having said, if you are expecting heavy amount of traffic and bandwidth requirement, it’s better to choose dedicated server hosting, which ensures non-shared resource availability. Quite promisingly, SiteGround dedicated hosting will be there to help you.


SiteGround — the well-reputed brand in the web-hosting industry — is offering premium managed servers for users, assuring best performance and resource availability. All the dedicated hosting plans from SiteGround are noted for a few features such as the state-of-the-art infrastructure, various options to ensure 24×7 connectivity and the ease of use when it comes to control panel and all. Now, please watch the different aspects of SiteGround dedicated web hosting and its different packages above.  This is for high traffic sites needing a lot of resources and am sure it makes your site ridiculously fast. I just honestly don’t have experience with it (so I won’t give an opinion) but if it’s like any other SiteGround plan I’m sure it’s legit. Maybe when I reach 10,000 visitors/day.

9.  Automatic Updates For WordPress Core + Plugins


WordPress native autoupdater updates your WordPress core to the next minor version. By default, everyone that has an active WordPress 4.8 or higher version should never worry again to update manually when it comes to minor versions update. All 3.7.x versions will be automatically applied at the background to your website by WordPress itself. Technically you may be able to click the update button in the back-end after a new version is officially released and before your installation is autoupdated but you need to be quite fast and lucky to do that.

Major WordPress versions updates, plugin and theme updates are not switched on by default and will not happen automatically. However, you can switch them on yourself by adding the appropriate lines in the wp-config.php file (see SiteGround tutorial on WordPress auto updates)

What is the SiteGround AutoUpdater doing?
SiteGround autoupdater warns you about upcoming WordPress updates, backs up your website, updates the WordPress core to the next version, both minor or major, and also updates any outdated plugins.

As you can see SiteGround autoupdater does quite a few things more than the current default native update functionality. That is why SiteGround has decided for the time being to give their tool precedence over the native WordPress one. This means three things:

  1. All new WordPress installs made through SiteGround system come with SiteGround autoupdater switched on, and WordPress native autoupdater switched off;
  2. If you switch on SiteGround autoupdater it will automatically switch off the native WordPress core updates.
  3. They will not switch off automatically an active SiteGround autoupdater, even if you switch on the native core updater manually, both will run simultaneously until you choose to switch off any of them yourself.

10. eCommerce Features (Free Let’s Encrypt SSL And More)

I could just get right into the numbers and raw parameters of this hosting platform, but before I do that, let’s take a moment to discuss what actually makes a quality e-commerce host and what to look for when choosing your perfect hosting plan.

  • PCI compliance. This is something required by law if you intend to process any credit card data of your customers (which is the case for nearly all e-commerce stores).
  • Dedicated IP address and an SSL certificate. A dedicated IP means that your site gets and exclusive address that’s not shared with anyone. Whereas an SSL authenticates your site on the web.
  • Uptime / server tier. Quality data centers are classified as Tier 4. This means they guarantee that you’ll have less than 0.8 hours of downtime per year. Tier 1 is the lowest – nearly 30 hours of downtime per year.
  • Good server specs. The more RAM the better. It will make your store quicker and improve the customer experience.
  • Data center location. Get a server near your target audience’s geographical location.
  • Good security mechanisms and policies. I won’t get into detail here, but the general idea is that your web host needs to have some security mechanisms and policies in place. The more they’re willing to share about this (either in their promotional materials or somewhere else), the better.

Features in SiteGround e-commerce hosting

SiteGround eCommerce Features

Shopping Carts – SiteGround supports all major shopping carts. You may want to read about their merchant account solutions to learn about processing payments for eCommerce hosting.

Free Let’s Encrypt SSL – all plans come with a free Let’s Encrypt SSL in the cPanel.

Wildcard SSL – GrowBig and GoGeek include a wildcard SSL for 1 year which secures your site and it’s subdomains while giving you a site seal to showcase on your website. After the 1st year it will cost $89/year. You can view SiteGround’s SSL plans to learn more about these.

PCI Compliance – GoGeek includes PCI compliance (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) which prevents credit card fraud by unifying payments using 12 requirements.

Here’s what you get with SiteGround e-Commerce Hosting:

  • Free PCI compliance depending on the plan you select.
  • Free SSL certificate also depending on the plan you select.
  • Up to 30GB of disk space on the server.
  • Server configuration optimized for speed: RAID10, SAS HDD, MySQL on separate SSD, 24 CPU cores.
  • Priority daily backups that include the storage of 30 copies and free manual restore.
  • Priority support depending on the plan you select.
  • Free domain name during sign-up.
  • You can set up unlimited websites and MySQL databases.
  • Can handle up to 100,000 visitors / month.
  • Good security with power and hardware redundancy, server monitoring, SPAM prevention, anti-hack systems, and more.
  • Data centers in Europe, United States, and Singapore.
    Who’s SiteGround e-commerce hosting best suited for?

SiteGround really knows WordPress/WooCommerce and everything related to it. They have nicely optimized hosting environments that can handle a WooCommerce store of any scale.

What this basically means is that you’re best off hosting your WooCommerce store with SiteGround, but taking your business elsewhere if you want to build your store on top of some other e-commerce platform. Make sure to select the right plan, which won’t necessarily be the cheapest one they offer.


11. SiteGround Added a Free Website Builder

Weebly 4. Do more with your store!

SiteGround works with various CMS’s – WordPress, Joomla, Magento being some of the top favorites of it`s customers. No matter how straightforward SiteGround thinks these CMS’s are though, many customers have difficulties working with them. This is why SiteGround spent some time looking for the easiest website builder that they could integrate into their platform and offer to their customers as a solution to their hassles. SiteGround found it in Weebly – a powerful yet simple drag & drop website building tool.

Drag & Drop Builder

The easy drag & drop builder allows you to create a professional website with no technical skills required. Content elements (like text, photos, maps, and videos) are added to your website by simply dragging and dropping them into place.

Responsive Themes

You can choose from a wide variety of mobile-ready themes to kick-start your website. From ultra-modern, to bold and classic, the themes fit various design preferences while being automatically mobile-optimized for any screen size from desktops to phones and tablets.

Complete eCommerce Solution

Want to start an online store? You can use the complete eCommerce solution to provide a smooth online shopping experience. There are sophisticated storefront themes, payment options and more.

How to get started?

The free sitebuilder is available to all SiteGround customers. Login to your account and enable it from your User Area > My Accounts > Sitebuilder tab for any of your domains.

In addition to the free version, SiteGround also offering Weebly’s upgrade plans (Starter, Pro and Business).

So get started and build your website in minutes!


12. Avoiding CPU Overages

Tips To Avoid CPU Overages (On Any Host):

  • Choose a plan that can handle your traffic
  • Block unwanted bots and IPs using Wordfence
  • Set parameters in Wordfence’s “option” settings
  • Enable hotlink protection in Cloudflare’s settings
  • Add captcha to your WordPress blog comments section
  • Avoid resource-heavy plugins (eg. chat/calendar plugins)
  • Use AWStats (in cPanel) to identify what’s causing high executions

CPU resource usage graph explained

If you are a SiteGround customer and you have been contacted regarding your account’s CPU resource usage, you would have received a graph showing how much CPU resources your account consumes.

The graph is split into two smaller graphs – the upper one shows the CPU time for your user. This is the average time a script started by your account takes to execute on the server. The time is in CPU ticks/cycles. The numbers on the left side of the graph show the number of CPU ticks and the digits at the bottom show the time on the server (the timezone on our servers is CST).

The lower graph shows the number of executions per hour your account makes. The numbers on the left side of the graph show the number of executions and the digits at the bottom show the time on the server (the timezone on our servers is CST).

A simple example of an execution is when a visitor opens your website and your index file is loaded. This counts as one execution. The more visitors your website has, the more executions it will generate.

You will also see two lines – a yellow and a red one. The yellow line shows the CPU usage and executions of a regular account on the shared server. The red one shows the CPU time and executions for your account. The higher the red line is, the more resources your account consumes.

13. Free Hosting Migration By SiteGround

SiteGround support team will be happy to assist you with the transfer of your website from the server of your previous host to your new server at SiteGround. With SiteGround you get a free transfer of one website per account. How to request website transfer help?

To request website transfer by SiteGround support team go to Support Section in your Customer Area, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Once you see the list of the possible support topics, click on the Transfer Website option.

I did this when I was on Bluehost (and have done it for quite a few clients sites who were on slow WordPress hosting) and I’ve never had a problem. The migration was done within a few hours with minimal downtime and no technical issues. So yes, I have full confidence in their technicians.

Note: If your previous host is running cPanel control panel, SiteGround  can copy your whole account (pages, e-mail accounts and everything else you keep inside your account). However, if your previous host is not running cPanel,  SiteGround  can only copy the files/folders and databases, but not your e-mail accounts and/or other account settings.

How to transfer your website content yourself?
If you would like to transfer your website content yourself, here are some guidelines you might need:

  1. Create a backup of your site on the current hosting server and download it to your local computer.
  2. If you have any MySQL/PostgreSQL databases, and the backup facility does not archive them, create a dump of those and download them as well.
  3. Upload the backup files to your SiteGround account and extract them. To learn how to upload files to your web hosting account, please check our FTP tutorial.
  4. Import the database dumps to newly created databases. This is easily done with the phpMyAdmin tool in your cPanel. Please note that the imported file size cannot exceed 50 megabytes!

Do not forget to change DNS settings!

Please do not forget that after the file transfer is completed you should change the DNS settings of your domain name so that it points to your SiteGround account. Otherwise people will continue to access the old location of your website (at your old host) by typing your domain. Click here to learn how to do this.

14. Check If Your Current Hosting Is Slow

A number of factors contribute to how fast your connection to our servers is, including:

  • Your computer health
  • The connection you have to your ISP (internet service provider)
  • The number of network hops between your ISP and our servers
  • The amount of traffic our servers are currently having

Running a ping test can help you determine if your website is slow because of a connection issue. If it is, then running a traceroute test can help you to determine where in the connection there is a slow down.

Here’s a nifty little trick to see if your server response time (hosting) is slow. Just run your site through Google Page Speed Insights and if the reduce server response time item is in your report, this means your server (hosting) is slow. Google suggests a >200ms response time…

Or if your time to first byte is long in the GTmetrix Timings tab, this is another indicator…

15. Most People Don’t Cancel After Signing Up

As a SiteGround affiliate, I can see how many people cancel their plan after they signing up – it’s about 5%. Just to give you an idea WP Engine’s cancellation rate is 25% and HostGator is around 60% (figures). SiteGround’s WordPress hosting has one of the lowest in the industry.


If for some reason you sign up and decide to cancel I would LOVE to know why. I can’t track this but I want to provide the best advice on my website so if for some weird, strange, out of the blue reason this happens to you… contact me and let me know what happened. I`ll definitely send you a gift worth $100.

16. Conclusion :  Why Should You Host WordPress with SiteGround?

There are several factors one has to consider when choosing a hosting provider, mainly price, performance and support. As per the review I referred to earlier on, SiteGround definitely has the right infrastructure and even proprietary technology that guarantees a good performing speedy WordPress website or blog. In terms of price, I just checked (had never checked before) some other WordPress hosting providers and I can confirm that SiteGround are very well priced as well.

Support? Well as you have seen from my own personal testimony  SiteGround has got outstanding support, and in my opinion that is what matters most, more than price and performance. After all these years I have one tip for you when it comes to hosting providers; you can have the best performing web server at the best price, but unless the hosting provider has good and understanding support, you have got nothing! The day your website, aka your main shop is down and income stops, or you encountered problems only support can save the day for you. Think of support as an insurance worth paying.


Yes I recommend SiteGround. In fact so much that I now use SiteGround (I’m on the GrowBig plan), because not long ago I decided to switch to SiteGround.

SiteGround is a very affordable and reliable web hosting service for your website.

They have industry-leading and impressive uptime levels, fast servers, strong security features, and excellent customer service that leave the competition in the rear-view mirror.

The few downsides of choosing SiteGround as your web host, in my opinion, far outweighed by the upsides.

Provided that your site don’t go over SiteGround’s resource limits, you can be confident that your site will load quickly, be available when you need it, and will be secure to protect your data and your visitors’ privacy.

If you’re still sitting on the fence about SiteGround then take advantage of their 30-day money-back guarantee, meaning you can “try them out” and if you aren’t happy, then you will get your money back.

Disclosure : I am an affiliate of SiteGround, and I get a commission when you click a link and purchase hosting. That’s how I maintain this website. It doesn’t cost you anything. In fact, I guarantee you get the best price when you use my link.

TrafficWave.Net Review : How To Use Email Marketing To Boost Your Business

TrafficWave.Net Review

Reading emails is the number one activity online. More than 90% of people online send or receive emails, in contrast to some 80% who use a search engine and just over 60% who use social media. Marketing professionals still agree that email marketing is more effective than any other marketing technique.

Email marketing is becoming a popular tool for many small and home based businesses around the world. Email marketing allows businesses to eliminate expenses for things like paper, ink/toner, envelopes, postage, etc., and these savings make it a very attractive method of promotion.

Done properly, email marketing can be very effective. Unfortunately, too many businesses let the excitement of a low-cost marketing campaign overshadow their business sense. Done improperly, your email marketing campaign becomes nothing more than a mess of sending the wrong message to the wrong market.

So how can you use email marketing to boost your business?

1. Use Reliable Email Campaign Software

Effective email marketing comes from using reliable email software called an autoresponder. Your autoresponder collects the email information of your prospects and sends them information. It can manage multiple customer lists and send out several messages at different times. It will keep track of who you send emails to, what the subject line was, the body of the email, open rates and click-through rates.

There are just a few key elements to launching and managing a successful email marketing campaign. They are . . .

  • The list (your database).
  • The offer.
  • The follow-up.
  • Start With the Right List

The temptation is to rush out and purchase a list from brokers or leads suppliers. The harsh reality is that most of these lists are simply harvested email addresses from search engines. The so-called “savings” of purchasing a list of email addresses can be effectively wiped out when email addresses begin bouncing and recipients begin complaining to your Email Service Provider for sending Unsolicited Commercial Email (or “spam”).

The best (and only truly safe) way to build your database is to market effectively. This can be done both online and offline. Traditional methods such as collecting business cards in a drawing and offering free information in exchange for contact information still work very well.   Click to Join  ‘Free 30 Minute List Building Challenge!’

Additionally, Search Engine Optimization strategies can be very effective. The key is to get prospects to visit a “capture page” that is designed to entice them to give their contact information in exchange for something you are offering, such as a free report or free download.

As your list begins to grow, if you have targeted your market effectively, you will find yourself with a considerable database of motivated and targeted prospects.  Click to Join  ‘Free 30 Minute List Building Challenge!’

2. Get The Attention Of Your Readers

Be consistent in your email messages. Write an attention grabbing subject line and only talk about a few key issues in your email text. To gain the trust of the potential customers, your content should be genuine and well written without any grammatical or spelling mistakes. Don’t clutter the email with links to lots of other sites, products or services. Keep the flow steady, tight and well focused.

Email marketing is about getting your offer out in front of your database. Yes, they have joined your list voluntarily but keep in mind that you are competing with hundreds of other email messages they may be receiving that day.

Your job is to make sure your email marketing message is opened and read by your prospects.

The key is to create a compelling subject line. Where possible, use the prospect’s name in the subject line. Most recipients are much more likely to open an email addressed to them by name.

Once your message is opened, the copy must create a compelling interest so that the reader will want to learn more.

The key here is to think like your prospects. They all have the same question on their mind when they open their email:

“What’s in it for me?”

Answer that question in your copy and your email marketing campaign could be a huge success. Focus on telling prospects about the benefits of your offer. What will it do for them? What can they expect if they order from you? How will it help them save time, increase revenues, lose weight, feel more attractive, etc.?

3. Don’t Trick Your Readers

Don’t trick people into opening your email with ‘clickbait’ subject lines like “Your Email Account Is About to Get Terminated” or “Congratulations, You’ve Won!” Not only does this make your audience lose trust in you, but sometimes it could risk you getting marked as spam. Be honest about what your message is about in the subject line and email text.

The next step is to follow up with your prospects. Studies have proven that prospects need to see your message over and over again before they make a decision to purchase. Using an AutoResponder to follow up with prospects can dramatically increase the response rate of any email marketing campaign.

The ability to follow up with prospects over time is critical to your success.

Your follow-up letters should essentially repeat your original message. Maybe each follow-up message can stress a particular feature and continue to reinforce the benefits to your prospects.

The idea behind an effective email marketing campaign is to …

… Tell them.
… Tell them again.
… Tell them what you just told them.

Attention spans are short. Competition is high.

Keep your messages to the point and focus on benefits, benefits, benefits.

Make your prospects WANT to buy from you by consistently keeping your email marketing message in front of them.

The reward for a job well done will be increased revenues and customer loyalty.

4. Understand You Audience

Are your email messages too casual? Are they too formal? Are you using the appropriate tone? There’s a fine line between being too relaxed and too formal. To some degree, the culture of your business will determine the amount of formality required. When in doubt, your email marketing strategy should strive for a tone that is professional, yet conversational. One easy way to achieve a conversational tone is to use word contractions, for example: you’re, he’s, she’s, don’t, etc.

5. Make It Easy For People To Unsubscribe

Your email should be friendly and provide appropriate information to your reader. Nobody wants to buy anything from a pushy sales person. However, if your reader decides that they don’t want to receive emails from you anymore, allow them to easily unsubscribe. If you make it difficult, they will start to resent your emails and they will certainly never buy from you.

On any day of the week, your customers may or may not visit your website, blog or one of your social media pages. But with few exceptions, customers check their email every day, often several times during the day, if not the hour! To discover 21 email marketing tricks and tips to boost your business that you can start to implement immediately

Selecting the most appropriate Email marketing program is a significant stride for your Email marketing success. AWeber is the pioneer of Email marketing software for bloggers and Internet marketers. But there are also several AWeber alternatives for you which take after the same plan of action as AWeber offering a boundless number of emails to subscribers every month.

There are a lot of autoresponder services out there that might get a lof of people confused when it comes to choosing the right one to use. One of the services that’s worth looking into is called Traffic Wave.

Like other autoresponders, Traffic Wave is also different from other services. So, let’s review some of the differences between Traffic Wave and other services.

1. Monthly fee stays the same.

Well-known autoresponder services such as AWeber and Get Response are favorites among many marketers but not many people are willing to pay more when their mailing list database increases. Of course, there’s a reason saying that you could eventually afford to pay higher prices when your list grows because you are supposed to make more money. But, for some people, this is beyond their thinking. So, Traffic Wave solves this problem as they fix the monthly fee of $17.95 per month regardless of the size of your mailing list. What’s more important is that they also allow you to test-drive their service for 30 days, with no credit card number asked. That means, literally everyone can see and experience their service “really” risk-free for a full month.

2. Important features that autoresponder should have.

Although the fee for Traffic Wave is fixed, it doesn’t mean that the company cut on their features. Email broadcast, link tracker, unlimited autoresponders and messages are among what the subscribers will get. If you do not have a website to promote your landing page, they will also provide a unique “hosted” page for you to promote your opt-in box. You could also send your message in text of HTML format. In all, you’ll have basic features of other paid services charge you, and some more.

3. A commission structure that pays a lot.

Many autoresponder services offer only one-level or the most, two-level affiliate programs. For example, Get Response used to have a two-level affiliate program and now they switched to one-level structure, maybe for easier maintenance with their affiliates. Traffic Wave, on the other hand, has a commission structure up to 10 levels. This is great news because not only this company provides an autoresponder service, they also open up an opportunity for their users to generate recurring residual income that can keep on growing every month.

The three factors above are just a starting point for you to know what Traffic Wave can offer. The best way to know its full potential is to give it a try yourself. The autoresponder service is free for 30 days and you get full access to their members area risk free. Here is one tip that many users are applying – you can subscribe to their service for free and while test-driving, you can refer as many paying members as possible. By the time your trial period is over, the commissions from your referrals might have already paid for your next month’s fee.

In all, Traffic Wave is a decent autoresponder service to use but has a great potential for those who are in affiliate marketing business to make good income from their multi-level affiliate program. Even if you are not interested in referral commissions, you can always use their autoresponders to build your mailing lists in any niches you choose.

One main benefit Trafficwave has over some other reputable autoresponder companies like Getresponse or AWeber is that you can have an unlimited amount of subscribers in an unlimited amount of campaigns for no extra fee. You pay the one set fee no matter how many subscribers you have. Most other companies will charge you more money as you get more subscribers.

Trafficwave offers a fully functional 30 day free trial for new users to see if it is for them. After the 30 day trial the user will be charged $17.95 per month no matter how much you use it.

While most autoresponder services allow you to track your emai click through rates, Trafficwave actually goes one step further giving the user the ability to track all their click through rates everywhere online. Users can also set up an unlimited amount of ad tracking campaigns giving it a big advantage over most other autoresponder services.

Another big plus for Trafficwave is for the user to be able to build a substantial residual income. Trafficwave has an affiliate plan paying down 10 levels deep where most other autoresponder affiliate programs will pay you down two levels. This allows users who wish to recommend their services to be able to turn those recommendations into a substantial cash flow.

The control panel for Trafficwave is fairly straight forward with training articles on each page in case you get lost. With an online forum and a quick customer support team you can normally sort out any issues within 24 hours.

One thing lacking with Trafficwave is some sort of spam filter that you can run your emails through so that you can make sure that they are received in your subscribers inbox and not the spam file. While Trafficwave gives you the ability to send your emails in either HTML or text it does not have as easy to use newsletter set up as say Getresponse.

In price and functionality Trafficwave is very comparable to the other big autoresponder companies but add in its ad tracking features, set price and the ability to earn a very substantial income when referring others I would say that it stands head and shoulders over its competitors.

TraffcWave – Pros

Extremely intuitive and easy to use
Pricing is one flat low monthly fee no matter how many subscribers (17.95 per month)
Performance training to see what works and what doesn’t
Free 30 day trial (no credit card needed)
Can create newsletters
Great customer service
Outstanding delivery performance
Best and most lucrative affiliate program that runs up to 10 tiers deep

TrafficWave – Cons

If you are looking to design extremely complex newsletters with crazy amounts of graphics, TrafficWave is limited as its design is based on ease of use and a user friendly layout rather than a complex interface that can take awhile to learn.

As you can see, when the TrafficWave autoresponder is compared to GetResponse and Aweber, it clearly comes out on to the best.

Why Would You Pay More?

Recently, I was reading someone’s ebook on internet marketing and their particular approach for building online income.

I don’ t remember who the author of this particular ebook was but I do remember that It had some great advice like:

  • Make sure you use an AutoResponder. (I Agree!)
  • Make sure you use some lead generation tools. (I Agree!)
  • Make sure you track your ads. (I Agree!)

I use a variety of lead generation tools to attract more prospects to my offers.

I absolutely make sure I track all of my online ads and sales letters so that I know where my results are coming from.

But while I was reading this ebook, I realized that this guy was recommending purchasing a variety of different systems to be able to utilize these tools.

And that got me to thinking that I really should explain to you what an amazing deal TrafficWave AutoResponders are when you stack us up against the competition.

The author that had written this ebook was recommending a variety of providers for autoresponders, lead generation tools, and ad tracking systems. In fact, he would have his readers sign up for 3 different systems and pay more than twice as much as you would pay to get all of these tools that already come with TrafficWave AutoResponders. Let me show you:

The AutoResponder company this author recommended: $19.95 per month (but the prices goes up)
The Lead Generating Page company this author recommended: $19.95 per month
The AdTracking company this author recommended: $4.00 per month
The total cost for just these tools: $43.90 per month!

That’s more than TWICE what you would pay for a TrafficWave AutoResponder account.

To manage the systems this author recommended , you would have to log in to three different company’s web sites all the time!
You would have to spend more time and more money to get the same tools and features you get from TrafficWave all in one place!
With TrafficWave, you get unlimited autoresponders, unlimited ad tracking, banner ads, and more for just $17.95 per month!  And all of these tools are located in one convenient location!


Folks … did you get that? All these amazing tools….

  • Unlimited AutoResponders!
  • Unlimited Ad Tracking!
  • Unlimited Banner Advertising!
  • Online Reminder Service!One Convenient Location!
  • One Low Price!

TrafficWave AutoResponders would be a tremendous bargain at twice the price!(No… they’re not going to start charging you double!)

But ask yourself this… why would someone pay more than twice as much and take on the added hassle of managing multiple control panels when they could get all of these tools and more in one convenient location for less than $20 per month?!?

And if you’ve ever wondered how’s pricing stacks up against the competition, take a look at this pricing comparison:

List Size  : Aweber Constant Contact iContact GetResponse
0-500 $19.00 $15.00 $9.95-$14.00* $18.00* $17.95
501-2,500 $29.00 $30.00 $14.00-$29.00 $28.00* $17.95
2,501-10,000 $49.00-$69.00* $75.00 $29.00-$74.00 $45.00* $17.95

* Pricing info is a range and will vary based on list size and other variables. When you build your lists, YOUR profits should increase!!

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Contentmart Review : Guide To Create Top Notch Content That Converts.

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Even in today’s world of booming internet marketing and e-business, most people do not have a clear idea of what is content writing. They simply sport an astonished look on their faces whenever they hear the term. To put it most simply, content writing is the art of writing for websites. The information that is the content that a website holds is equally, if not more, important than its design and presentation. More than the design, it is actually the content that attracts and holds the attention of the visitors or users of the website. Dull, below expectations and boring content adversely affect the business of the website concerned. Thus, in order to attract the optimum number of visitors, the content of a website should be informative, current and to the point. It should deliver on the promises it makes in the title.

A website depends strongly on content writing services to pull visitors, increase repeat visits and increase the site’s visibility. With a service that offers good content writing, a company can experience big improvement in earnings and a unique way of presenting the entities products or services. For the expansion of the website, SEO writing helps in the successful launch and further expansion of the website.

Content writing for websites is a business or a profession that is providing scopes for exponential expansion, all over the world. A lot of firms and companies nowadays promise to offer superior quality content writing services. But the job is not in the least bit as easy as it sounds. Writing content for websites is an extremely tedious task because it requires the investment of a large chunk of the writer’s time. Although the name may seem suggestive of a job that involves writing only, content writing on the contrary requires a significant bulk of extensive research that takes a considerable amount of time. The professionals in the field are of the opinion that it is job involving 90% research work and only 10% writing.

During writing content for websites the motive behind writing and the quality of the target readership should be borne in mind at all times. This makes it easier to decide on the style in which the content writing is to be done and also pick and choose the topics to be discussed about in the article or the content of the website concerned.

There are undisputed benefits to using a service that provides content for SEO. By the very choice of using content writing services, writers are provided who are able to compile and present material or content that is vital to good SEO development. As a result, this improves the company’s visibility on the web. There is a careful selection of writers as the content has to be thoroughly researched so the reader will be attracted to the site as well as spend more than cursory time perusing its contents. This supports internet marketing campaigns. By focusing on specific or targeted keywords, there is the opportunity to have low cost per click (CPC). Such services provide proofreading, this is vital to quality control which by extension creates confidence in the business to clients. The writers ensure that errors whether grammatical, spelling or punctuation among other issues are cleared up as well. The articles have to be search oriented so keywords are carefully interspersed throughout the documents.

A successful content writer is one who at all times tries to answer 3 very pertinent questions to the entire business of content writing.
1. Who makes up the targeted readership of the website?
2. Why would people want or need to read the content of the website?
3. What sort of need is the content or the website required to fulfill?

A content writer, who manages to answer these 3 questions best, wins half the battle and ensures success for his or her work even before he or she sets foot on the field. The writer can then write and modify his or her work in the most appropriate way so as to fulfill all the requirement and demands of the website concerned.

It is also to be kept in mind that content writing for websites is extremely different from writing for newspapers or blogs. It has its own rules and guidelines that need to be followed at all times. To put it in a few words, writing in a precise and to the point manner is the first and last word in successful content writing.

What Are the Advantages of Outsourcing Top Notch Content Writing Services?

Outsourcing Top Notch content writing services is the latest trend in internet marketing nowadays. Many SEO companies are now outsourcing content writing services. These content writing activities involve maintaining the uniqueness of the website and providing original and fresh content. This enables the website to have a good ranking on search engines further enhancing the business and clientele.

Companies which provide professional content writing services have well experienced Content writers. These writers are well versed with writing Top Notch content and can write anything related to website content such as articles, blog posts, press releases, web content etc. They can provide you well written, keyword rich content without you having to provide them a keyword list. They themselves are good enough to handle keyword research on their own and provide you with best results.

Outsourcing content writing services to India is the latest trend nowadays. This is because of the fact that it is cost effective. Many people in India who are proficient in English are professionally trained to write quality website content which helps your website to secure a good ranking in the search engines.

Tips for Hiring A Content Writing Company :

Content plays a major role in the success of all types of marketing campaigns. Creating unique and engaging content is a skill and hence people across the globe hire professional content writers to draft their campaigns. Here are some tips that would help you in selecting the right content writing company for your project.

Without doubt, the World Wide Web is a treasure house of information. Whenever we need to research on any topic, the first instinct is to visit a search engine and look for information. Content plays a crucial role in the success of any website or business. It is crucial that you position your business in the right words and hence it is important to engage a professional content writing company. There are numerous freelancers and companies willing to offer content writing services. It is extremely important that you choose the apt content writing company for the success of your marketing campaign. Here are few tips that would help you in finding a reliable content writing service provider for your projects:

1. Industry standing: Experience plays a major role when it comes to hiring a professional for content writing service. It is good to choose an experienced content writing service provider instead of settling for a novice writer. An experienced professional thrives to understand the demands of the business and would be able to deliver good results in short span of time across diverse projects.

2. Portfolio: Professional writing companies always maintains a portfolio of their work which gives you a clear idea about the kind of work that the company has done in the past. It will also help you in understanding the overall quality, the content and the style of writing of the professional writers.

3. Budget: Once you are satisfied with the portfolio, the next step is to ask for a no obligation quote from the service provider. The quotation helps you to gauge if the company’s services fits in your budget. Upon agreed on the budget, it is time to move to the next step.

4. Validate the credentials: Once having seen the company profile and agreed upon the budget, the next step is to validate the credentials of the company. It is a good idea to ask the service provider to provide names and contact details of the clients with whom they have worked in the last three months. This will help you in gauging the consistency of the work with the company. You must cross check the references given by the service provider so that you get a clear picture about the writer’s style of working and the punctuality.
5. Original content: Content writers need to adhere to strict deadlines and they should be in a position to provide plagiarism-free content always. It is a good idea to check if the content writing company offers plagiarism report complimentary with their content. Best Place to Hire Quality Writers

Contentmart Content Writing Services :

In making the decision for content writing services, one wants the assurance that this is a company that can deliver quality driven and original content, which are crucial to their being promoted as having a high standard of quality. Hence, samples should be expected showing a well developed portfolio. The reputation of the organization is key, therefore the writing service has to be one that will maintain a good standard of work for the site. Such content writing services must maintain that high calibre of work, where material content as well as the few instances of errors in grammar are eroded.

For clients who may be uncertain of exactly what they need from the content writing service, a section with frequently asked questions acts as a guide for them and is one of the things which should be read at when selecting such a service. The company needs to have a system which has a quick delivery time for posts while maintaining a high standard in terms of quality. Also, the service should be able to cover short articles or documents which may be to thousands of words.

In choosing content writing services, one should question the process through which an article goes before it is sent to be uploaded to a site. Steps such as quality analysis from the project manager and editor will of course be distinguishing factors for selecting the writing service providers. Content writing services would be more attractive if they have an educational background in areas such as content writing or advertising which indicates expertise on marketing styles and principles.

Contentmart is an online content marketplace where writers meet clients and vice versa. It is a global platform where you can serve each content-based need from both the ends, by either being a content buyer or a content creator. ContentMart is a marketplace where you can hire qualified writers for any writing job. It’s not limited to blog or content writing, but you can also hire writers who can write a sales page, service page or anything that is related to writing.

Do You Need Website Content? Get it from

I’ve decided to write a review of Contentmart Affiliate Program. What should my review include? The focus of my writing should be information that will help readers decide whether or not to participate in the Contentmart Affiliate Program. Everyone has a different opinion on the key indicators of a quality program, but there are a few questions that almost anyone will ask when investigating an affiliate opportunity.

Contentmart, is a leading digital content marketplace, connecting Freelance Content Writers with Content Buyers. Being a multilingual content platform, we also offer multilingual content writing & translation services.

What do they offer:

Professional content writing services:

– Free registration
– Pay directly to the writers (Company doesn’t charge any commission from Content buyers)
– Pay only if you like the content
– 100% Unique Content
– Dedicated & Complimentary Account Manager for clients with bulk content needs

Will I make money with this program?

A truly valuable review will give the reader an accurate impression of what a participant would have to do to experience success with an affiliate program. If the product only appeals to a small, hard to reach market and will require extensive time and money invested into advertising, a potential affiliate will want to know. Does the company rely strictly on their network of affiliates to attract customers, or will someone who joins the program have to find ways to compete against a large company-sponsored advertising campaign in addition to other affiliates?

How much money will I make?

Several factors determine the amount of income an affiliate can earn with a program. Are you selling a subscription service (such as website membership) or a consumable product (such as disposable contact lenses) that means repeat purchases and a more reliable income source? Does the company track repeat customers by storing your affiliate referral id with the customer’s record in the database, or do they use the less reliable method of placing a cookie on the customer’s computer?

Benefits of the Contentmart Affiliate Program

FLAT 20% commission per transaction
FLAT $20 FREE Joining Bonus to each user referred by You
Exclusive Discounts and Promo codes
Extended Offers
Monthly newsletters
$100 Average Order Value
Is this a fly-by-night operation?
Another concern of affiliates is how long the program will be around. There’s nothing more discouraging than investing the necessary time to build a customer base and downline just to have the company go belly-up. If you have noticed indicators of a program’s long-term success or failure, people who read your review would benefit from your insight. Even if you aren’t 100% sure that a company will succeed or failBusiness Management Articles, it’s appropriate to include educated guesses as long as you explain your reasoning.

Why should I choose this opportunity over that one?
It can also be helpful to discuss how this opportunity matches up against similar programs. In this case “similar programs” refers to programs that provide comparable products or services as opposed to programs with comparable compensation plans.

A final consideration of my review may be lengthy. Some people prefer to read detailed reviews that delve into every aspect of a company. Others prefer to read short reviews that highlight only the most noteworthy pros and cons. Both style have supporters and can result in quality reviews. The important thing is to share information that you found helpful when you were evaluating the program.

Contentmart Global Affiliate Program

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Regal Assets Gold Program Review

Regal Assets Program Review

The Company, Regal Assets was founded in 2009 by young entrepreneur and investor Tyler Gallagher. The company started its operations with a small $5,000 investment and a big vision: to simplify, innovate and rejuvenate the precious metals investment landscape which was still operating under heavy bureaucracy and unnecessary hurdles.

7 years later, with zero additional startup capital and a lot of persistence, Regal Assets is the most successful Gold IRA firm in the country, with recognition from the likes of Forbes, Smart Money, the Huffington Post and many others. The company was also ranked #20 in the U.S. by the famous INC 500 in the financial services category, and subsequently featured on the prestigious Reuters Sign on Times Square.


Regal Assets aims to be every investor’s one stop shop when it comes to physical precious metal investing. The company however specializes in helping individual investors add physical precious metals to their investment portfolios and retirement accounts. In fact, since its foundation the company has helped thousands of Americans transfer an existing IRA, SEP, 401(k), 403(b) or TSP plan into physical precious metals.

Regal Assets also provides a wide selection of gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion products and rare coins for investors interested in purchasing coins outside their retirement or investment accounts. The inventory includes some of the purest and most popular coins from all over the world.


The explosive growth of Regal Assets can be attributed to putting the client first. In fact, Regal Assets is the only company in the gold investment realm that boasts 0 (ZERO) complaints and 5 star ratings on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), The Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) and TrustLink. To achieve such a stellar reputation profile, Regal Assets adopts a genuine non-pushy and non-salesy approach and takes the time to educate each client before any transaction takes place.

Regal Assets is now an industry leader in the precious metals market and has had a lot of celebrity endorsements to include Dennis Miller, Laura Ingraham, Jerry Doyle, and Lars Larson giving Regal Assets worldwide market recognition.

About Regal Assets

Regal Assets claims that gold is the only ironclad way to protect yourself against inflation. As such, the company provides several different methods of investing in a variety of precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum and palladium IRAs, coins, and bullion.

But is Regal Assets really your best choice for investment-grade precious metals? Let’s invest some time into uncovering the facts and find out.

Regal Assets Details

According to Regal Assets, currency not backed by gold is constantly subject to inflation, which can potentially have a big impact on your total wealth. In fact, the company claims that other countries (such as China and India) are buying up gold like crazy in an active effort to devalue the dollar. On top of this, other investment vehicles such as bonds or treasury notes may not always keep up with inflation, making them much less valuable by the time you’re able to cash them in.

With this in mind, Regal Assets provides a variety of precious metals investment vehicles, including:

  • Gold IRA – Retirement plans backed partially or fully by bullion coins and bars made of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.
  • Bullion – Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bars and coins.
  • Gold, Silver, & Proof Coins – Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium rare/vintage/limited edition coins. Also includes proof coins and sets.

Once you’ve decided to invest in a precious metals IRA, Regal Assets claims the  process is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  • Setup your Regal Assets account.
  • Complete as much of the setup form as you can.
  • The Regal Assets team will “start going to work for you,” and can have your IRA set up in 24 hours.

In addition, the Regal Assets website also includes real-time price charts, an in-depth resources section, and top precious metals-related news.

Company: Regal Assets ILC

BBB Rating: A+
Our Recommendation: Top Gold IRA Company
Website: visit
Address: 2600 W. Olive Avenue, 5th Floor Burbank, CA 91505


Initial Setup Fee: $0
Annual Admin Fee: $100
Annual Storage Fees: $150
Minimum Purchase Amount: $10,000


Banks are still NOT a safe place for your savings – here is one of the reasons why:

It was only until the 2008 financial crisis that erupted and shattered a number of solid banks that you, along with the majority of other United States citizens that they were safe places to keep your hard earned money. This is what the crisis that was exposed as a false hope. This was due to the fact that these banks became insolvent when the losses mounted from toxic assets. This was not the only problem though, read further to learn more.

How can Regal Assets help you?

Perhaps you should be enlightened more on what Regal Assets is prepared to offer. In short, simple terms, companies such as Regal Assets focus their intention in the “buying and selling” of gold and other precious metals in the form of bullion, bars and coins. Precious metals such as silver, gold, platinum and palladium are more stable than paper money or treasury bonds. This is where Regal Assets comes into play. They help people make smarter investments by investing in precious metals for their IRAs.

Regal Assets provides the best Gold IRA investment options and advice


Regal Assets currently offers the following:

Two kinds of personal investment packages which include:

  • $5,000 Merchant package – for anyone looking to invest in gold and silver.
  • $10,000 Knighthood package – financial coverage for families.

Four Kinds of Investment Gold Portfolio Packages which include:

  • $25,000 Legacy Portfolio – mainly intended for immediate profit potential
  • $50,000 Kingship Portfolio – mainly designed to protect clients from inflation
  • $100,000 Dynasty Portfolio – this offers a great return on initial investment – also proven to protect against inflation and unforeseen economic crisis.
  • $250,000 + Coronation Portfolio – This is designed for high net worth individuals – perfect for long term investments and wealth creation.


IMPORTANT LINK: Click Here to get your free Gold IRA rollover guide now!

Reputation, knowledge and consistency are of paramount importance when considering investment in precious metals such as gold and silver. If you are looking for steadiness, security, and reliability, Regal Assets is the only company for you.

What sets Regal Assets apart from other companies offering similar services is their free, comprehensive Gold IRA Rollover Kit. This is obviously a generous offer in the industry.

Top Reviewed Gold Company 
Protect Your IRA / 401k with Gold.
233+ 5 Star Client Reviews Verified

Rollover Your IRA to Gold
Protect Your IRA / 401k with Gold.
Free Gold Retirement Kit. ($5k/min)

Get Gold You Can Hold 
Free Gold Investing & IRA Kit.
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How To Buy Gold. Free Kit
90% Inflation-Proof, $0 Setup Fees.
Free Gold Investing Kit. (Act Now)

Gold vs Bonds, Which Direction Should You Take for Safety?

Has your financial planner been trying to get you to invest in sovereign bonds from various countries?

The problem with many sovereign bonds today is that an enormous percentage of them come with negative yields, meaning that you pay the often troubled sovereign country for the privilege to use your money.

This is supposed to be a favorite safe place to park your hard earned cash. But is it really so safe to lend your money to troubled sovereign countries like Japan and the various countries of the European Union?

Consider why these bonds deliver negative yields in the first place. How did it come to pass that sovereign countries can require you to pay them to utilize your money?

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan would have you to believe it is because of competition.

His thoughts on the matter: “Whenever you see strong currencies in a normal market, they’re spread against say Spain and Italy’s 10-year notes, it’s relatively stable through time. But as the rates overall go down, clearly at some point as the rates go down you’re going to pick up negative rates for the highest-quality currencies – like of course the Swiss franc – and I think that this is just a passing fancy.”

Greenspan can call it like he sees it, but does this justify you putting your hard earned investment dollars into vehicles in which you pay to participate?

The Real Reason So Much Sovereign Debt Pays Negative Yields

The numbers of negative debt yielding sovereign bonds that you see offered today are truly eye watering.

Two years ago almost none existed. In February of 2015, the entire amount of global debt with negative yields amounted to a “mere” $3.6 trillion. One year later by February of 2016 this amount had practically doubled to reach $7 trillion. Less than a month ago, it reached $11.7 trillion. Now it has achieved a staggering total of over $13 trillion per last week’s published calculations of Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

That now exceeds 50% of all government debt issued on the planet! If this is just a temporary new normal that Greenspan believes, then why is the trend of negative sovereign debt continuing to double in ever shorter time frames?

The answer is not one which will inspire confidence in you. The Bank of Japan and European Central Bank have been increasingly engaged in massive quantitative easing. In an effort to jump start failed Japanese and continental European economies back to growth, these central banks have been throwing everything including the kitchen sink at their economies.

These central banks are busily printing money (debasing their currencies) and using this money to buy up sovereign and even corporate debts now in an effort to prop up the markets. The governments then take these extra proceeds to use as spending money to try to boost production and GDP within their own sinking economies.

The byproduct of this activity to bolster sagging and even stagnant economies results in falling government sovereign bond yields. More printed up money demand for these securities leads to ever lower and lower yields.

So in the vast majority of cases, sub-zero sovereign bond yields do not represent higher quality, no-risk government bonds at all as Greenspan would have you to believe. Instead, they reveal the nations that are struggling the most.

Think about it, and it makes perfect sense. Japan has been caught in a downward deflationary stagnation spiral for more than two decades now. They continue to throw money at their bond markets and banks in an effort to increase economic activity.

Yet after years of doing this, the economy has not at all improved. Do you really consider Japanese sovereign debt tied to an economy that has not materially grown in nearly twenty-five years to be safe haven debt?

Look at the EU and its national countries’ sovereign debt. This largest economic block in the world has not yet reached its former GDP and growth levels seen just before the financial crisis erupted in 2007/2008. This is more than five years after the crisis officially ended!

You might be able to make a case that sovereign bonds from countries such as Norway, Switzerland, and Sweden are more likely to be safe haven places to park your investment dollars. Yet if things are so rosy in these countries, why do they need to issue government debt at all?

The answer is that there is no such a thing as safe haven positive yielding sovereign government debt. Gold is your safe haven destination of choice.

No government can print or effectively manipulate gold. While it may not pay a yield, at least you do not have to pay anyone to keep your money invested in it.

Growth in U.S. Spending Outpacing Economic Growth Three to One!

This email headline is not one you are likely to read on the front page of your local newspaper, the New York Times or the even The
Wall Street Journal
. Yet it is the telltale sign of the terminal financial decline for American public finances.

The fact that the increase in U.S. Federal government spending is growing at three times the pace of American economic growth is not a mere statistic. It is a tragedy from which the country will not likely ever recover.

Consider what the CBO Congressional Budget Office recently reported in its official declaration of the sobering state of American government public finances. The United States’ public debt has already reached $19 trillion and is rising.

On top of this, the CBO looks for minimally an additional $10 trillion in debt in the next few years. It also anticipates that the budget deficit (annual shortfall in the budget) for the United States will only get worse each and every year going forward.

Evidence that supports the Congressional Budget Office’s grim assertions is all around you. Military retirement spending increased 8.7% last year alone. The costs of Medicare continued to rise astronomically, up over 10% in just the prior year. Some government employees’ benefit programs took the cake though. Their price tags expanded by 17%.

Taken together the total mandatory government budget spending increased a serious 6.6% for the year. This amounts to fully three
times more
than the growth in American Gross Domestic Product!

Not only is the United States government flat broke by its own admission, but it is spending more and more each year. Worst of all, the growth in spending is massively outpacing the total economic growth.

Another annual update and report just came out on Social Security. The program is quickly running out of money and will be insolvent within ten years. The U.S. Treasury publishes annual financial statements that show it is broke not in twenty years, ten years, or five years from now, but today.

You don’t need an advanced degree to understand how serious this is for the country and all 300 million people plus who live in it. Despite the fact that the statistics office for the country has admitted to the country’s looming bankruptcy, the overall government continues to operate as if nothing is wrong and with a “business as usual” mantra.

They are ignoring this serious problem and it is only getting far worse every year. Congress and the Obama administration are completely oblivious to their own current and looming insolvency.

It is no laughing matter. The terminal financial decline of the greatest superpower in the history of the world will prove to be the greatest trend of our day and age. It will take down the world’s financial system with it.

The so called safe havens of the world will not shelter you and your financial assets from this impending implosion. Sub-zero yielding foreign debt will not save you. Government debt around the world will fall with American public finances. The best place to safeguard your money is in gold.

Now is the time to put a responsible portion of your family’s assets into the only true safe haven. No one can squander or bankrupt the yellow metal. It has endured economic collapses time and again for five thousand years now. It will ensure that your assets and purchasing power survive this greatest collapse so far.

Customer Testimonials

Regal Assets is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service to clients and they are justifiably proud of their 99.9% customer satisfaction rating.

This rating manifests itself in the letters and testimonials which the company receives.

Click Here to read a few of these letters and testimonials.

Regal Assets Affiliate Program

Are you searching for an affiliate program that completely delivers its promise and makes you earn lots of money just by sitting at home? You are at the right place – This is the #1 Affiliate program today !

In the United States, Regal Assets is the most trusted gold bullion dealer having an expertise in converting IRA and 401(k) to physical gold. And now, it is offering you a wonderful opportunity to join its affiliate program. You no longer require a website or internet marketing experience or html writing experience, you can promote it from anywhere in the world for free.

Unlike other financial affiliate programs, that pay on a flat lead commission basis, that generally means a maximum $100 payout, Regal Assets affiliate program is just THE BEST that pays you a staggering 3% of any investment and a per-lead payout of $30, $70 and $100.

How to Join Regal Assets Affiliate Program

Joining Regal Assets Affiliate Program is simple and absolutely free. Although, they approve your request manually, getting disapproved is out of question. Just do the following and in no time, you will be approved. Click It Now to Join Affiliate Program.

  • Set up a SEO friendly website.
  • For authenticity, grab a good website theme.
  • Post a unique content about your website.

Follow these three easy steps and become the next Regal Assets affiliate.

What you achieve with Affiliate Program?

If you get approved for the affiliate program, Regal Assets offers you a high converting lead capture forms that are very simple to plug into your website. This tracking lets you keep a track on your leads in real time. You can also see the list of individuals who called the investment firm by your website and the outcomes.

If your customers are approved, they will receive their orders within 7 business days and can get started immediately. All the clients can also enjoy the highest buy backs online at the current market price.

expertise in converting IRA and 401(k) to physical gold. And now, it is offering you a wonderful opportunity to join its affiliate program. You no longer require a website or internet marketing experience or html writing experience, you can promote it from anywhere in the world for free.

What you get from the affiliate program?

Joining the Affiliate Program is really simple, you can Join Here and once you have joined it, you will get:

  • Your own affiliate website, absolutely free, for you to start immediately.
  • Excellent commission providing you great opportunities to earn big.
  • Numerous ways to earn commission.
  • Real time database of the leads provided by you along with comments of our contacts.
  • Contents with text, images and videos to add into your own website.
  • A 42 minute instructional video with details about the program.
    Representatives of Regal Assets to help you in each step.
  • An online support forum.

Affiliate Commission Offered :

Regal Assets commission structure gives you maximum benefits for your hard works and there are numerous ways to earn this commission. Even with a single customer referred by your website, you can earn a big amount.

Here is the commission structure:

  • For the total amount invested, you will get 3% of the amount as a commission. (this is where it gets serious!) (example: If your lead invests $1,000,000, you get a $30,000 commission! You will be rewarded every time your lead invests. Note that the average investment amount at Regal Assets is $20,000 – $50,000)
  • For the total amount invested by any of your sub-affiliates, you will get 2% of the amount as a commission. The sub-affiliates are the individuals you have referred.
  • You will get $30 cash for every individual who orders an investment kit from your website.
  • You will get $30 cash for every individual who uses your dedicated phone number (1-800 numbers) and spends more than 10 minutes talking to a Regal Assets representative.

Why Regal Assets Program is the BEST?

The reason that makes Regal Assets the BEST is not unknown. It is the topmost, most trustworthy gold IRA organization in the history of IRA companies in the United States. The company’s ratings by business review sites say it all.

  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  • AAA rating from Business Consumer Alliance.
  • 5 star rating from TrustLink.
  • No complaints in any business review sites.
  • Hundreds of positive comments and testimonials from the clients.
    Ranked #20 in the INC 500.

Join Affiliate Program Here

GetResponse Email-Marketing Program Review

GetResponse EmailMarketing Program Review

List Building: All You Need To Know.

Affiliate marketers believes that the money is in the list. Once you finish reading this section, you will realize exactly why is it said to be so?

What Is List Building?

List building in its basic form is the process of collecting email addresses of people who you wish to target in your niche. It is basically an act of building a list of your potential customers who you can send emails with an aim of making them interested in your products or services.

Two essential things that list building requires:

1. An email marketing/lead capture service (also known as an autoresponder).This service stores the details of the list and then sends emails. There are many such user friendly services, but I will really recommend you to use It’s the best service I have discovered so far. And if you are interested in the “landing page” option, this will be the best service for you.
2. A squeeze page/opt-in form on your website. All of you would have come across a page that asks you to enter your name, email address and other details to get access to an e-book, a newsletter or any other freebie. Such pages are known as opt in pages/forms.

How Does List Building Work?

In its most basic form, this is how list building works:

1. First of all you register for an autoresponder service. is the go to company here. There is other alternatives as well. Like Aweber, which is also a big autoresponder company.

2. Then you build an opt in page and put it on your website. (You can do that within, or you can build one yourself)

3. You write an e-book or outsource it to someone to write it for you and offer it as an incentive to people to join your list. Besides e-books, you can also offer a free report, a course or any other attractive offer.

4. Once people subscribe to your list, you will have their details which will enable you to send them articles, news, updates and other product offers.

Why Would You Want To Build A List?

There is no denial that you can make money online even without making a list. If the niche is time sensitive, making a list may not work that well, however, in every niche that you make a list you will get more profits than others.

The biggest reason for building a list is that it increases chances of repeat sales while at the same time minimizes the chances of a lost sale. When a visitor comes to your website, reads reviews and leaves, you do not have any measure to make sure that he comes back to you and makes a purchase.

Now imagine the case where you have got the visitor sign up for your email list. The fact that they have signed up for your email list means that they have read the free report that you offered them. This bears ample testimony to the fact that they have started trusting you as a reliable information provider. When you send them a few more informational emails, the buyer resistance starts to decline. Finally when you send the email pitching for sale which goes all out to convince the potential customer, you ultimately make a sale. The story does not end here with a single sale. Since you have their email, you can repeat the entire process with another product that you think your potential customer may be interested in. In a nutshell, building an email list makes it easier to conclude an initial sale and much simple to repeat the sale.

One more reason why list building is important is that it increases the longevity of your affiliate marketing business. If you tend to rely entirely on the traffic that comes to your website to make a sale you will soon find the traffic as well as sales drying up. In case you have made a list, you have a huge database of potential customers who you can bank upon until your traffic picks up again.

Having understood what list building is and what are its benefits, let us review GetResponse Email Marketing Program.

GetResponse is a complete email marketing solution. It provides turnkey newsletter publishing and hosting features, as well as unlimited follow-up autoresponders to deliver information to your subscribers and convert them to paying customers. Through responsible and fully automated list hygiene, anti-spam practices and established relationships with major Internet Service Providers and Email Service Providers, GetResponse prides itself on the highest possible email deliverability to ensure that your messages get through to your prospective customers. GetResponse has established relations with all the major ISPs and Email Service Providers to ensure undisrupted email deliverability for its customers. GetResponse  delivers over 5 billion messages each year from 172 countries. GetResponse is fully scalable and capable of handling both small and very large lists alike (1+ million subscribers).

GetResponse in highlights: – Over 100,000 active accounts – FREE version available – Deliverability of up to 68% higher than our competitors – Unlimited autoresponders, follow-ups, campaigns, lists, messages – Powerful, automatic message personalization – Smart tracking features – Built-in anti-spam filters What benefits does it bring? – Catches lost sales and jolts your leads into profitable action – Boosts your lead generation and business-building results – Chops away tedious and repetitious email marketing tasks When you join GetResponse, you will be supported every step of the way on your path to successful email marketing by its excellent customer support and materials (context help, user guides, FAQs and video tutorials). You will benefit from industry-leading email deliverability which they consistently maintain through their solid relationships with ISPs, their proactive delivery initiatives and their strong anti-spam commitment. Become a GetResponse customer today and find out how you can instantly get tangible, measurable results without wasting your time or investing a lot of money.

GetResponse, The New Email Creater is Here!

Video Email Marketing Give a face and a voice to your messages and triple your click-through rates! GetResponse Multimedia Studio lets you record and store up to 100MB of video email marketing files, right from your account. Deliver high-impact customer testimonials, product demos, and event videos – no added software or expense required! Twitter Integration Millions of potential customers are getting their product “buzz” from social networks – and you need to be there! GetResponse puts you in the middle of this non-stop conversation with point-and-click integration. Let Twitter deliver instant links to your latest campaigns, coupons and blogs today! Online Surveys With GetResponse Surveys, research won’t cost you a dime extra! Ask as many questions as often as you want and get the data you need to improve products, target campaigns and stay ahead of the competition! It’s a snap to use – just point and click to design, then publish and watch the results roll in. 300+ Industry Templates Looks matter! Choose from over 300 Industry HTML Templates to create eye-popping campaigns for every audience and industry. Use its intuitive editor to customize your email communications with cool graphics, fonts and formatting, then brand with your company logo and colors to sign your masterpiece! Split Testing To ensure you get the best results from your email campaign, test it first! Create up to 5 messages, with different personalization techniques, subjects, and styles. GetResponse will test each version for you, then automatically select and send the best! It takes only minutes and can save you cash – and lost customers!

GetResponse for iPhone Keep your finger on the pulse of your campaigns! GetResponse for iPhone gives you instant access to your dashboard and key stats, so you can react, anywhere, anytime. Add subscribers manually or import from your Address Book and you’ll never miss an opportunity to grow your list and your business! Email Analytics Make sure every campaign is better than the last! Let GetResponse track every open, click, unsubscribe, and purchase. Review your stats by product, date, domain, and more! See the Big Picture with visual graphs, and get customized reports in your inbox daily. With GetResponse, smart decisions are a snap! Guaranteed Deliverability GetResponse applies over 10 years of expert human and state-of-the–art system monitoring so your email marketing messages end up in prospect inboxes, not their junk folders! From its automated list hygiene, to their established ISP relationships and feedback loops, GetResponse ensures that your campaigns – and your brand – are always protected and compliant. Coaching and Support GetResponse expert staff is on hand 6 days a week to help you maximize your email marketing – and your profits! Whether you’re a team of one or 20, they’ll work with you ever step of the way so you market smarter and faster – without adding staff. Get in touch via phone, email, or live chat. It’s friendly and it’s free!

GetResponse Enterprise

GetResponse Enterprise is a fully stand-alone system, engineered to provide high-volume sending, superb reliability, and expert support at an affordable price. Your enterprise-level service is hosted on a separate, high-end machine with two dedicated IPs and is capable of sending up to 1,000,000 messages in a 24-hour period. This state-of-the-art system is managed automatically based on it`s advanced “send-and-delivery” GetResponse analytics, and monitored by a team of enterprise delivery experts.

The GetResponse List Building Program is a comprehensive email marketing course that covers everything you need to know to grow your list by up to 10,000 subscribers in as little as 90 days. Now marketers can maximize their email marketing efforts by taking advantage of this free program and enhancing their lists with new, engaged subscribers. The list building program, used with GetResponse email marketing tools, is the complete marketing solution. Marketers are provided with the know-how and necessary tools to launch a comprehensive and effective email marketing campaign. The course is unique to GetResponse and created exclusively for GetResponse customers; both free trial and pro accounts that have less than 10,000 subscribers. Customers may choose from two program schedules: the 90-day fast track and the 180-day standard program. Each session consists of a video tutorial, presentation, and an article. Those who complete the program and acquire at least 1,000 new subscribers will receive a GetResponse University Certificate of Performance. More details about the course may be found here: ‘List-Building

Do you need more subscribers or sign-ups? Can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong? Maybe it’s your sign up forms. Think about it. Would you wear disco boots to your next party? Times have changed. The Internet is abuzz with social media networks, tweets, blogs, personal websites, fan pages, and so on – with no end in sight. But how many of you have your sign up forms where the action is? And if you do, are they interesting enough to attract this savvy online crowd? If your forms aren’t there, it’s like you’ve “closed up shop” and gone home! Can you afford to do that? I sure can’t! If you’re wondering how a plain old web form could boost sales and sign ups, I’ve got great news for you! You’ve heard of GetResponse email marketing, right? The industry leader in easy, affordable rich media email marketing for SMB and affiliate marketers like you and me. Well, they just came out with a new version of an old standard that blows the competition away. It’s easy, hip, and made for today’s “social” online crowd. Best of all there’s no special skills or training required!

Check this out: GetResponse Form Builder Highlights: – 500+ designer templates – Save time and money by using one of over gorgeous 500 predefined templates – or customize to meet the needs of your brand and business. – Creative drag and drop editor – Drag and drop as many fields as you want to get the information you need. Changing colors, fonts, size and shape is a snap! – Easy customization – Custom fields and pull-down menu options help you get the segmentation data you need. Add or change links and labels to deliver even more ROI! – Dynamic or custom rich media Thank-You pages – You’ll make a great first impression with dynamically generated Thank-You pages. Add the personal touch with video or audio-video to engage new sign ups right from the start! – Web form analytics – Form Builder lets you track how many times each sign-up form was viewed or completed, so you know how well your forms are working for you. Now’s the perfect time to create some cool-looking sign up forms and place them where the action is with GetResponse Form Builder. And it’s easy to stay on top of the latest sites and trends – you can update your forms in seconds. Tell the world you’re open for business! I did, and it was the most profitable 10 minutes I’ve spent on my business in a while! I wholeheartedly recommend you give it a shot, too! Now’s the perfect time to create some cool-looking sign up forms and place them center stage with Form Builder – by GetResponse of course. I did, and it was the most profitable 10 minutes I’ve spent on my business in a while! I wholeheartedly recommend you give it a shot, too! It’s worked great for me and it will work for you too! Give it a try today and start increasing your sign-ups by tomorrow. You’ll be glad you did – it’s the best sign up tool ever for your business!

GetResponse Explainer Video

No doubt building a list is imperative if you are to be a success with your home based business. Studies have shown that people sometimes need to see or hear about a product up to seven times to get their attention. In order to do that, you need a top notch autoresponder that will “stay in touch” with them. One of the best around, and the one I use, is the Getresponse autoresponder system. Here are just a few reasons that you should make it yours as well.

1. Pricing: Start out for Free. Granted not all features are available during the free membership but it does give you a chance to get your feet wet so to speak. Then the Getresponse autoresponder system pricing scales as your list grows, so you always know how much you’re spending. Simply choose the options that suit your current plans and don’t forget to take advantage of BIG pre-pay discounts.

2. Unlimited Follow Up Messages: As mentioned earlier it takes more than one contact to make a sale. So, it’s crucial to follow up. The minute someone signs up, Getreponse springs into action and begins sending out your follow up messages when you want. how you want, the way you want. They even offer over 300 Designer HTML Templates to create eye-popping campaigns for every audience.

3. Latest Tools: The Getresponse autoresponder system offers the latest tools to help convert your visitors into sales. There is Email-to-Speech which converts text into high-quality human voice so subscribers can listen to your emails “hands free” – no matter where they are or what they’re doing. There is also Video Email Marketing where you can give a face and a voice to your messages. With this feature, you can deliver high-impact customer testimonials, product demos, and event videos – no added software or expense required. Finally, Social Media Integartion is offered. Getresponse makes it easy to share your newsletters across all your social networks automatically!

4. Online Surveys: With GetResponse Surveys, research won’t cost you any extra! Ask as many questions as often as you want and get the information you need to improve your products, target campaigns and stay ahead of the competition! Email surveys are the fastest and easiest way to find out what your customers think and want. And they’re Free with GetResponse! Online Surveys capture valuable feedback from your prospects to help you improve products, target campaigns and stay ahead of the competition!

5. Split Testing: Get the best results from your email campaign – test it first! Just create up to 5 messages, with different personalization techniques, subjects, and styles. The Getresponse autoresponder system will test each version for you, then automatically select and send the best! It takes only minutes and can save you buckets of cash!

6. Email Analytics: Use GetResponse Email Analytics to review open rates, clicks thru rates, sales and sign ups in real time. Review your stats by product, date, domain, and more! Decision making is a snap with easy-to-follow, interactive charts and customized reports, delivered to your inbox daily. Set Email Analytics on autopilot and let GetResponse generate open and click tracking reports for you!

7. Affiliate Program: Not only can you use Getresponse as your autoresponder, they offer an affiliate program that you can promote and offset the cost of your monthly subscription fee. Sign up is free and you make 33% commission on each referral.

If you are going to be a success in network marketing, you need an autoresponder. These are just a few of the reasons to make the Getresponse autoresponder system your autoreponder of choice. Why let those visitors just click off your siteScience Articles, never to be heard from again? Give them a chance to turn from visitor to customer with GetResponse.

GetResponse Affiliate Program :

GetResponse has an unique Affiliate Program. You can earn a recurring Income throughout your life promoting the Product.

Affiliate Benefits :

When a person you refer buys a GetResponse account, you get paid 33% of this payment — not just once but on a monthly basis for as long as the customer continues to pay for the account. And if the customer upgrades to a plan with a higher payment, your commission increases too.

33% Recurring Commissions

Even if you think you’re not a sales ninja and start with a goal of referring just one account per month, you can earn a nice commission.

When a person you refer buys a GetResponse account, you get a commission. But it doesn’t stop there — you get the same commission payment on a monthly basis for as long as the customer continues to pay for the account.

And if the customer upgrades to a plan with a higher payment, your commission increases too. Your earnings accumulate month after month, even if you refer only one account per month.

If you refer just one account at $49 per month (works the same for any price plan) then your earnings for the following month will look like this:

  • 1st month : $16.17 (for one simple referral, not bad right?)
  • 2nd month : $33.40 (recurring commission & one new customer)
  • 3rd month : $50.01 (two recurring commissions & one new customer)

After one year – $1261.26 (assuming each customer continues to pay for their account) and that’s for referring just one customer a month.

What if you could get 2, 5, or 10 customers per month? Sign Up as an Affiliate and get all the tools you need to get started. You go to Top Menu named  More- and click on the Affiliate Program link.



Liquidweb Hosting Review

LiquidWeb Hosting Review

Liquid Web was founded in 1997 by Matthew Hill in Holt, MI at the age of 16. The company grew quickly because of its then unique focus on always available and responsive customer support. The CEO stated that he will focus on support further growth for Liquid Web, but will remain dedicated to the company’s “core values of unparalleled customer support and hosting solutions.”

The company originally offered only shared hosting services, but has since expanded to include dedicated and virtual private servers, as well as a host of add-on products. In 2009, Liquid Web launched its Storm Platform, a line of cloud servers that provided customers the capability to easily deploy, replace, clone, and increase capacity on a server. Their Storm Servers are easily scalable and utilize a fully automated platform developed in house. The Liquid Web Storm Platform now features VPS, dedicated servers, and private cloud servers, as well as a series of add-ons, including load balancers, block storage, and object storage. The platform has been continually expanding, including new operating systems and providing new regions and geographic redundancy in early 2012.

Liquid Web maintains three wholly owned data centers in Lansing, Michigan, the location of the company’s headquarters. The first of Liquid Web’s Lansing data centers opened in 2003. Data Center One (DC1) is 5,058 square feet and has a capacity of 2,000 servers. By 2005, the company expanded to a second data center in Lansing (DC2), which has 32,000 square feet and a capacity of 8,000 servers. Their third and largest data center, now their headquarters, was opened in 2009. DC3 is 90,000 square feet and has a capacity of 25,000 servers. In 2011, Liquid Web expanded its operations to include a location in Phoenix, Arizona, which has a capacity of 2,000 servers. In 2015, a location in Amsterdam, NL was opened. The company also operates a remote office in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The company is well known for their customer support, which was a defining feature in their early days. It offered 24/7 support to customers, even early on in the company’s history at a time when they only had 16 employees. In 2007, their customer support was re-branded as “Heroic Support” and they introduced their “Hero” mascot. In 2012, Liquid Web further expanded their notion of “Heroic Support” with a 59-second response time guarantee to their telephone and chat support.  In 2015, Liquid Web announced a best-in-class Net Promoter Score of 74, which indicates the overall satisfaction of their customer base and how many would refer the company to others. In a 2016 interview, CEO Jim Geiger referred to the term Heroic Support as the firm’s “de-facto Brand”.

Big businesses require robust Web hosting services to maintain their online presences, and Liquid Web is one that many of the largest brands trust. The company has a wide range of managed WordPress, virtual private server (VPS), and dedicated server packages with enough flexibility and muscle to power the likes of ESPN, FedEx, MTV, and Zappos, among others. In fact, Liquid Web (starting at $14.95 per month) is for enterprise-level Web hosting. Be prepared to pay premium prices for this premium service, however, and forget about the cheaper shared hosting tier of service offered by most competitors: Liquid Web no longer offers it. Smaller, cash-constrained businesses may prefer Certified Hosting, DreamHost and HostGator, which offer more affordably priced packages that include shared hosting packages.

Since Liquid Web is pricey, it’s good that the service’s plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is usual in the Web hosting industry. Still, considering the amount of money that a company is likely to spend for Liquid Web hosting, it would be nice to see a larger refund window. For example, DreamHost has an impressive 97-day money-back guarantee. Dedicated hosting service is one with which the user gets an individual server. Correspondingly, the user also gets full control over the server. Since the user is not sharing the server resources with anyone else, he also gets to pay more than shared web hosting.

Liquidweb Hosting Pricing

In order to bridge the gap between shared web hosting services and dedicated hosting services, servers that give independence from other customers, yet cost less than a dedicated server are designed. These are the Virtual Private Servers, or VPS. A VPS is actually a virtual machine that is used exclusively by an individual customer for web hosting services. Indeed, there are a number of advantages of VPS hosting.

One of the advantages of VPS hosting is that it gives the user the ability of establishing sandboxes. This is possible when one physical server has two virtual private servers. Thus, with this set up, you can have access to the other website without really affecting the other site. Certainly this is most advantageous for businesses that need their hosting to be stronger and more accessible than shared hosting.

Another advantage of VPS hosting is the amazing speed with which each individual private server can be accessed. Moreover, since there is no physical sharing between the servers, information and data are 100% secure. As such, while you enjoy a certain level of isolation, you also enjoy an increase in control of the server itself.

There are many different types of services such as free web service, shared web hosting, virtual dedicated server, dedicated hosting service, cloud hosting, home server, and clustered hosting to name a few. Each of these types of hosting offers different features and various advantages. Depending on the hosting needs of a website, some of these services would deem appropriate and ideal.

The most common type of web hosting is shared web hosting. For economic reasons, this type of hosting is more advisable most especially if a website does not have special needs. Generally, shared web hosting services are employed by small scale websites because it is more affordable. However, for websites with specific and special needs, this hosting service may not work favorably. This is so because with this type of hosting, hundreds of different websites are placed on the same server. As such, all domains share a common pool of server resources.

Liquid Web no longer offers shared Web hosting (which is generally used by individuals and the smallest of businesses), so if you want to dabble in that hosting category, you must look elsewhere. I recommend DreamHost, HostGator, the Certified Hosting for shared Web hosting services. HostGator offers Linux- or Windows-based based shared hosting packages that give small- and medium-size business room to grow.

Liquidweb Hosting Coupons
Liquidweb Hosting Coupons

LiquidWeb promotions :

LiquidWeb now offers promotions to their customers. This helps them stay afloat in the market considering that hosting service providers have increased in number hence the competition is stiff. You will find amazing web hosting deals online. Most of the promotions will run for a specific period of time offering the same services at lower costs. Such offers accommodate anything from opinion blog shared hosting, CPS hosts, dedicated servers and other services that you could need. You will simply find the service that best suits your business.

Web hosting coupons can also make a huge difference to the costs of web hosting. The coupons pass for discounts with the services from hosting providers. To get the coupons, however and enjoy the web hosting discounts, you will need to sign up with preferred sites and get the coupons. Most of the coupons are color coded for ease of recognition and can also be doubled up to enjoy double savings.

The sites offering the coupons work in conjunction with the hosting providers to make the coupons available. By looking at the offers, you will easily manage to choose a provider who has the potential of creating an online brand that is successful at rates that are most affordable for you.

When buying the coupons:

• Take the time to find out what services you stand to enjoy from your provider. You of course want to get coupons that will prove to be of worth to your business.
• You also should make sure that you check the period of time that the coupons will be valid for. This makes sure that you get to use the coupons for the services you need before the expiration date.
• You can also consider other services that the provider offers as a way of finding a long term solution to your hosting needs beyond the coupons.

Certified Hosting Review

Certified Hosting Solutions
Certified Hosting Solutions

About Certified Hosting Solutions :

Certified Hosting was established in 1999 as a Southern California-based unlimited web hosting company to provide shared hosting, reseller hosting, and managed dedicated servers to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and individuals throughout the world. Recognizing that each client has unique goals, Certified Hosting tailors hosting services to meet the individualized service needs of clients in many specific industries. Some, but not all, Certified Hosting services include unlimited FFmpeg hosting, Flash hosting, WordPress hosting, Dolphin hosting, Elgg hosting, Magento, Joomla, Drupal and PHPmotion hosting, among many other technologies used by webmasters and business owners.

Certified hosting by far is the best service I have ever had. Customer service is only a mouse-click away my issues were resolved in a timely fashion and have since not had any problems. Other hosting companies promise ‘guaranteed satisfaction’, but Certified Hosting is the only company I have dealt with, that makes good on that claim.I have been with services who try to give you the run-around or nickle-and-dime you, by trying to sell you more than you need.And even though I have only been with them for a few short months, my uptime was at 100%  But Certified Hosting is the only company who seemed intrested in providing what I really need… not trying to sell me something I didn’t.

I had been tossing around a ‘tube’ type site idea for a while and decided to get started on it. I did some searching on a few relevant webmaster forums in an effort to source potential web hosts. After crossing referencing a few recommendations from the aforementioned forums, I ended up with just one host that seemed viable and was worth taking a gamble on. This company, obviously, is Certified Hosting.

I signed up for a shared hosting subscription on 09 Jun 2016 mostly to ease the bandwidth & CPU usage for my primary Hostgator shared account. Certified Hosting also goes by the name Certified Hosting & Naked Hosting. The sales people were extremely helpful & answered all of my pre-sales questions quickly. Once I signed up for their mid-sized plan, my server was up immediately. I signed up at 6:02pm, and I got the welcome email at 7:02pm. It was fast.

Certified is an “unlimited” host that leans towards being the video/tube hosting niche. I’m obviously leery of unlimited hosting offers but I liked the way Certified presented their take on the concept. They put forth a straight-forward appearance and even offer up page explaining their definition of unlimited.

TLDR, they don’t meter disk space or bandwidth but do limit resources. Fair enough and at least they are honest about it. Interestingly, they offer a $4.95/month add-on called “Certified Protection” that they claim with guarantee your account from being suspended should you consume large amounts of resources. Honestly, this seems kind of “hokey” and almost GoDaddy-esq to me. I didn’t purchase the option but I’d be interested in hearing from someone who has/had and experienced it in action.

Certified seemed like a relatively legit operation for an unlimited host so I ended up choosing their lowest level shared plan on month-to-month terms. Like most unlimited/bargain hosts, they of course list the 3 year price up front and their month-by-month pricing option is more expensive than I’m used to seeing from hosts of this type. $8.95/month (without a promo/coupon) if paying monthly.

They also charge a $5 set up fee if you choose month-to-month terms with signing up. I’m never happy to see any type of setup fee, it’s not 1998..heh, but it’s really not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things and I understand why they would do it from a business perspective.

Since signing up, I have basically been testing things out myself and playing around with different tube scripts deciding which one I want to go with. That said, I can’t really comment on their performance in a production environment but things are acceptable for an unlimited host, in my opinion. I will say that ping times can vary..sometimes significantly. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern to the variations but sometimes it is in the 50ms range, other times it has been as high as 140ms. I’d like to see it consistently around 70ms-80ms, but I have never really noticed any significant slowdown or downtime.

Certified’s support has been adequate as well. I have used both live chat and ticket. Live chat generally responds quickly but seems better suited, as usual, for very basic requests or issues. I say this as I did ‘test’ (which I’ll touch on later) live chat to gauge their response to a question regarding a missing feature. I also submitted one tech support ticket and received an adequate response/resolution within about an hour. Billing/Sales seems to be available 24/7 and they responded within an hour of the one ticket I sent their way. I have yet to try their phone support which they state is 24/7 as I’m personally just not a fan of telephone tech support in general.

All-in-all, after a few months, I’m on the fence about Certified but being optimistic. Here are my Pros/Cons to this point:

Pros :

  • Caters toward the type of site I am looking to develop.
  • Offers lots of video/tube-centric software and information.
  • More upfront about how they handle the whole unlimited thing when compared to many similar hosts.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Offer several support avenues as well as a dedicated status update blog/site and a regularly updated company blog.
  • Acceptable performance thus far, no major downtimes.
  • Adequate support.
  • Relatively straight-forward, easy to understand Terms/AUP and other explanations of their services.

Cons :

  • Default cPanel flavor is a modified version of the light blue RVSkin and is missing some standard cPanel options.
  • cPanel is missing the ‘Service Status’ link/functionality. I asked about this in live chat and didn’t really get the response I was hoping for.

I was hoping that I could just request with support to have my cPanel skin to be the changed to the default one and the status link would pop back up. Such is not the case. I was told by a live chat support rep that they do not offer this with their cPanel. When I asked why, I was told “that’s just the way our servers are configured.”. Obviously, I don’t like that answer at all. From past experience, the only reason I’ve seen hosts hide the Service Status link/function is because they are trying to avoid the potential for large influxes of support tickets with clients see a high load number or other system resources being maxed out.

I plan on submitting a ticket and asking for a more detailed explanation about this.

  • TOS and AUP don’t specifically state what they constitute as overuse or abuse of system resources. They do make things clear that their services are not intended for storage or hosting large files not related to your site. That’s pretty much par for the course with these types of hosts but to Certified’s credit, they don’t try to disguise it work crafty/confusing verbiage.

Those are really the only two things I’ve come across thus far that I have not been happy with. Perhaps as time goes on, I will come across a few more.

  • Setup fee if paying monthly. We all know setup fees are not necessary for any reason in a shared environment so it’s basically a money-making tactic on their part. Even still, $5 is low enough to not be a deal breaker or get too in a tizzy.

After a few months of script testing and generally just messing around with my plan, I’m somewhat neutral about Certified Hosting but if I had to lean one way or the other, it would be a positive direction. I’m looking forward to getting my site up and running and generating some traffic to see how the service responds.

I wish I had used Certified Hosting in the very beginning. I’ve had several bad time and money consuming experiences in the past. I stayed online with tech support with my last host a couple of hours a day. Same issues over and over. I haven’t contacted tech with Certified in so long I don’t remember the last time. In the very beginning I had a couple of problems not involved with the hosting service and Kacy and the guys helped me resolve my problem even though it had nothing to do with the hosting service. They are absolutely the best company I’ve done business with. I would recommend them to anyone that wants an efficient and able host. I’ll never be able to repay them for all their help and hope to do business with them for years to come.


Certified Hosting Affiliate Program
Certified Hosting Affiliate Program


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