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Certified Hosting Solutions
Certified Hosting Solutions

About Certified Hosting Solutions :

Certified Hosting was established in 1999 as a Southern California-based unlimited web hosting company to provide shared hosting, reseller hosting, and managed dedicated servers to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and individuals throughout the world. Recognizing that each client has unique goals, Certified Hosting tailors hosting services to meet the individualized service needs of clients in many specific industries. Some, but not all, Certified Hosting services include unlimited FFmpeg hosting, Flash hosting, WordPress hosting, Dolphin hosting, Elgg hosting, Magento, Joomla, Drupal and PHPmotion hosting, among many other technologies used by webmasters and business owners.

Certified hosting by far is the best service I have ever had. Customer service is only a mouse-click away my issues were resolved in a timely fashion and have since not had any problems. Other hosting companies promise ‘guaranteed satisfaction’, but Certified Hosting is the only company I have dealt with, that makes good on that claim.I have been with services who try to give you the run-around or nickle-and-dime you, by trying to sell you more than you need.And even though I have only been with them for a few short months, my uptime was at 100%  But Certified Hosting is the only company who seemed intrested in providing what I really need… not trying to sell me something I didn’t.

I had been tossing around a ‘tube’ type site idea for a while and decided to get started on it. I did some searching on a few relevant webmaster forums in an effort to source potential web hosts. After crossing referencing a few recommendations from the aforementioned forums, I ended up with just one host that seemed viable and was worth taking a gamble on. This company, obviously, is Certified Hosting.

I signed up for a shared hosting subscription on 09 Jun 2016 mostly to ease the bandwidth & CPU usage for my primary Hostgator shared account. Certified Hosting also goes by the name Certified Hosting & Naked Hosting. The sales people were extremely helpful & answered all of my pre-sales questions quickly. Once I signed up for their mid-sized plan, my server was up immediately. I signed up at 6:02pm, and I got the welcome email at 7:02pm. It was fast.

Certified is an “unlimited” host that leans towards being the video/tube hosting niche. I’m obviously leery of unlimited hosting offers but I liked the way Certified presented their take on the concept. They put forth a straight-forward appearance and even offer up page explaining their definition of unlimited.

TLDR, they don’t meter disk space or bandwidth but do limit resources. Fair enough and at least they are honest about it. Interestingly, they offer a $4.95/month add-on called “Certified Protection” that they claim with guarantee your account from being suspended should you consume large amounts of resources. Honestly, this seems kind of “hokey” and almost GoDaddy-esq to me. I didn’t purchase the option but I’d be interested in hearing from someone who has/had and experienced it in action.

Certified seemed like a relatively legit operation for an unlimited host so I ended up choosing their lowest level shared plan on month-to-month terms. Like most unlimited/bargain hosts, they of course list the 3 year price up front and their month-by-month pricing option is more expensive than I’m used to seeing from hosts of this type. $8.95/month (without a promo/coupon) if paying monthly.

They also charge a $5 set up fee if you choose month-to-month terms with signing up. I’m never happy to see any type of setup fee, it’s not 1998..heh, but it’s really not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things and I understand why they would do it from a business perspective.

Since signing up, I have basically been testing things out myself and playing around with different tube scripts deciding which one I want to go with. That said, I can’t really comment on their performance in a production environment but things are acceptable for an unlimited host, in my opinion. I will say that ping times can vary..sometimes significantly. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern to the variations but sometimes it is in the 50ms range, other times it has been as high as 140ms. I’d like to see it consistently around 70ms-80ms, but I have never really noticed any significant slowdown or downtime.

Certified’s support has been adequate as well. I have used both live chat and ticket. Live chat generally responds quickly but seems better suited, as usual, for very basic requests or issues. I say this as I did ‘test’ (which I’ll touch on later) live chat to gauge their response to a question regarding a missing feature. I also submitted one tech support ticket and received an adequate response/resolution within about an hour. Billing/Sales seems to be available 24/7 and they responded within an hour of the one ticket I sent their way. I have yet to try their phone support which they state is 24/7 as I’m personally just not a fan of telephone tech support in general.

All-in-all, after a few months, I’m on the fence about Certified but being optimistic. Here are my Pros/Cons to this point:

Pros :

  • Caters toward the type of site I am looking to develop.
  • Offers lots of video/tube-centric software and information.
  • More upfront about how they handle the whole unlimited thing when compared to many similar hosts.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Offer several support avenues as well as a dedicated status update blog/site and a regularly updated company blog.
  • Acceptable performance thus far, no major downtimes.
  • Adequate support.
  • Relatively straight-forward, easy to understand Terms/AUP and other explanations of their services.

Cons :

  • Default cPanel flavor is a modified version of the light blue RVSkin and is missing some standard cPanel options.
  • cPanel is missing the ‘Service Status’ link/functionality. I asked about this in live chat and didn’t really get the response I was hoping for.

I was hoping that I could just request with support to have my cPanel skin to be the changed to the default one and the status link would pop back up. Such is not the case. I was told by a live chat support rep that they do not offer this with their cPanel. When I asked why, I was told “that’s just the way our servers are configured.”. Obviously, I don’t like that answer at all. From past experience, the only reason I’ve seen hosts hide the Service Status link/function is because they are trying to avoid the potential for large influxes of support tickets with clients see a high load number or other system resources being maxed out.

I plan on submitting a ticket and asking for a more detailed explanation about this.

  • TOS and AUP don’t specifically state what they constitute as overuse or abuse of system resources. They do make things clear that their services are not intended for storage or hosting large files not related to your site. That’s pretty much par for the course with these types of hosts but to Certified’s credit, they don’t try to disguise it work crafty/confusing verbiage.

Those are really the only two things I’ve come across thus far that I have not been happy with. Perhaps as time goes on, I will come across a few more.

  • Setup fee if paying monthly. We all know setup fees are not necessary for any reason in a shared environment so it’s basically a money-making tactic on their part. Even still, $5 is low enough to not be a deal breaker or get too in a tizzy.

After a few months of script testing and generally just messing around with my plan, I’m somewhat neutral about Certified Hosting but if I had to lean one way or the other, it would be a positive direction. I’m looking forward to getting my site up and running and generating some traffic to see how the service responds.

I wish I had used Certified Hosting in the very beginning. I’ve had several bad time and money consuming experiences in the past. I stayed online with tech support with my last host a couple of hours a day. Same issues over and over. I haven’t contacted tech with Certified in so long I don’t remember the last time. In the very beginning I had a couple of problems not involved with the hosting service and Kacy and the guys helped me resolve my problem even though it had nothing to do with the hosting service. They are absolutely the best company I’ve done business with. I would recommend them to anyone that wants an efficient and able host. I’ll never be able to repay them for all their help and hope to do business with them for years to come.


Certified Hosting Affiliate Program
Certified Hosting Affiliate Program


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Certified Hosting  packages and servers sell themselves! Jammed packed with features and their in-house 24×7 support service, there is no comparison! Look at some the features it offers:

  • 100% Managed Services.
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Affiliates of Certified Hosting see consistent returns because of the excellent products and services they provide. They work with their clients to help them excel their websites and businesses. That equates to high conversion rates on all types of traffic: anyone looking to get better web hosting services, eliminate long wait times for support services and receive REAL help. It’s their dedication to quality and service that keeps our retention rates high and our cancellation and refund rates the lowest in the industry! Bottom line, they convert and they create clients for life!

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