MotoCMS Rated Website Builder Review

The world around us is very swift and changeable. Each day brings something new, and it is sometimes quite difficult to keep pace with the latest tendencies. The ultimate helper for most people in this situation is the Web. One can find everything she/he needs online very quickly. The truth is that nowadays many people are getting used to this conviction and can’t imagine their lives without the Internet. They do their business, shop, communicate and entertain not leaving this awesome virtual world.

So, if you want to be successful in this amazing and rapid surrounding, you should do your best to keep abreast of the newest achievements. It does not matter what sphere you are doing your business in.  You must be accessible effortlessly and easy to keep in touch with. The best way to achieve this is to create your own website.

Without any doubt, you understand perfectly well that the success of your business depends to a great extent on the quality of its Internet representation. If your website is slow, looks cheap and is troublesome to use, you risk not getting the attention of prospective clients and fail. That’s why you can’t be too picky while choosing the right option to represent your business online.

Of course, you can turn to a professional web-design company and pay them for the development of your new website. But this variant has serious drawbacks:

  • You should be ready to spend a considerable sum of money
  • You may not be fully satisfied with the results as there is always a risk of misunderstanding

MotoCMS offers you a much better decision. The company has developed 2500+ awesome ready–to-use website templates. All you need is to choose a suitable template and create a wonderful website yourself. Don’t worry about not having coding experience! MotoCMS team have done all the complicated work for you. It will take you only several hours to launch a marvelous website with no extra efforts at all!

Moreover, MotoCMS is proud to introduce a set of magnificent Premium Templates!

With these web themes, starting a new website will turn into an easy and enjoyable task.

  1. Music MotoCMS 3 Responsive Website Template

If you are in the music business this marvelous template is for you. Build your site easily with the functional drag-and-drop website builder. Enjoy the wide selection of pre-made pages.

Keep the attention of your clients with a simple-to-start blog of your own. Appreciate advantageous widgets which will help you express your individuality. Upload your music effortlessly and share it with the visitors. Change the typography using the richest collection of text styles offered within this template. Your website will be irresistible!

  1. Real Estate MotoCMS 3 Responsive Website Template

Being engaged in the real estate business you are well aware of the fact how important the impressive visual representation is if you want to succeed.

The wonderful galleries of this template will help you create a stunning catalog of the properties you sell in no time. Use a collection of stock images to make your site even more attractive. It will be incredibly easy for your clients to access your site with any device as it has 100% responsive design.

  1. Hotels MotoCMS Responsive Website Template

When you work in the hotel industry you should be extremely attentive to your hotel website. The very first glance at it has to mesmerize your prospective clients and make them dream of living in this place.

The template MotoCMS offers will cope with this task brilliantly. The sophisticated design elements and beautiful typography will present your content in the best way. The convenient SEO of this template will make finding your website online dead simple. Keep in touch with your clients without any problem with handy adoptable widgets. Enjoy the top quality!

  1. European Restaurant Premium Website Design

For most people, European restaurants first and foremost are associated with the refined and elegant style. Meet these expectations with this template!

Avail yourself with unique color palettes and extraordinary layouts. Let your beautiful images speak louder than words with convenient galleries. Benefit from customizable pre-made pages, which will save your time considerably while starting your website. Use social media tools to keep connected with customers and increase your restaurant sales. Turn cooking into an art!

  1. Drone Video Premium Website Design

Making drone video is highly demanded nowadays. Still, drone video market is quite competitive. In this situation going online is a very wise decision.

Make your website unique with the help of amazing drag-and-drop website editor. Change the appearance of widgets according to your taste. If you don’t need any element – it is very simple to remove it. If you feel like adding some widgets, you are welcome to do it. Use the social media widgets to advertise your business via social networks. As you see it has never been that easy to become successful!

  1. Gym Power-Fitness and Bodybuilding Premium Website Design

In the contemporary world, most people don’t have a lot of spare time. Nevertheless, they want to keep fit and look attractive. It is great that you have chosen to help the people take care of their bodies.

MotoCMS will help you in turn with great pleasure. Start your own website effortlessly with astonishing speed. It will take you only several hours to launch it! Create your own online audience with social media widgets, subscription and contact forms and other instruments.

  1. Web design Premium Website Design

To have a colleague as a client is always a serious challenge. On one hand, a professional can easily see all the drawbacks. But on the other hand, he/she can appreciate the quality job to the full.

Without any doubt, choosing this template you will be pleased with its excellence. Building your website with it is a valuable time-saving tactics you can employ.

You will be surprised with the effectiveness of the MotoCMS block editor for sure. Use the White Label option to create a website for your client and save on the promotion of your own work without extra efforts. Are not you sure whether you want to buy the template? Try is first! There is a completely free 14 day trial period.  An even more – if you finally make up your mind to purchase it, all the changes you have made during the trial period will be saved for you!

  1. Consulting Premium Website Design

Financial business is far from web-design. Still, now you can easily join both of them yourself. If you pick this premium quality template you will be able to create a wonderful site of your own with no elementary coding knowledge.

The user-friendly admin panel will help you arrange the blocks the most suitable way. Customize all the necessary pages painlessly. Edit the appearance of widgets with a wide range of made-up presets. Make your website look solid with a great variety of Google Fonts. Control the activity of your visitors with the analytics tools. Win the trust of your clients with the first look!

  1. Accounting Services Responsive Web Theme

Your business deals with a very serious sphere. To prosper you should win the trust of your customers. So, your website has to show them how reliable and reputable you are.

Organize your website in the most convenient way. Use the beautifully crafted typography to introduce your slogan. Create your own blog to share some valuable information with your clients. Keep in touch with your clients with the help of a practical subscription option.  Stay secure and solid with your new website.

  1. Construction Company Website Design

The construction business has a lot in common with web design. In a well-designed building, all the elements should unite to answer the needs of the client. The same is true of web design. A professional website created with taking in consideration all the needs of its owner is the best business assistant. But who knows what you really need better than you do?

Go ahead and try yourself in web design, building your own outstanding website. This process will be unbelievably simple with the drag-and-drop website creator of this template. The professional pallets and functional widgets will allow your content be marvelously positioned on all the pages. Let prospective clients learn about your business using the potential of the serviceable SEO section. Feel free to reveal your individuality and your business will flourish.

  1. Beauty MotoCMS Responsive Website Template

If your business is connected with making people more beautiful this captivating template is for you. The amazing colors and full-screen header images set a strong creative tone for you to build unique content. Add your own voice and make this incredible template truly your own.

The set of pre-made pages will be quite handy in fulfilling this task. Customize them asserting your personality. Use the vast collection of stock images to complete the stylish design. Change the colors and background themes according to your taste. Fascinate your visitors with outstanding beauty of your website and they will become your devoted customers.

All these templates are very different. They are designed for different businesses and answer different requirements. But they still do have one thing in common – their PREMIUM QUALITY. Don’t hesitate to launch one of them to experience how astonishing they are.

5 Reasons to Try MotoCMS

There is always a reason why certain products get popular. Here we would like to present you the top five reasons that can prompt you to make a website with the best cms available on the market. Welcome to the MotoCMS world!

#1 Reason. MotoCMS is Easy to Manage.

One may find lots of templates on the Internet that are said to be easily manageable. But are they, really? Unlike the other players on the web market, only MotoCMS offers the unique admin panel. It allows you to work on the layout for your website. To do so, you do not need any prior expertise in the web programming. How can this be possible? The main idea behind the drag-and-drop admin panel from MotoCMS is that you move around certain content blocks. For example, you can drag and drop headers, general information blocks, the menu, footers etc. Once you like the layout, you are free to fill it with the necessary content.

There is one more stunning tool that is only MotoCMS templates contain. This tool is called Color Picker. Its main goal is to ensure you can manage your color palette in the blink of an eye. The Color Picker is a powerful tool for those who do not want to spend tedious hours trying to configure the color palette of own website. It is also a great feature for specialists that know next to nothing about the main principle of design techniques.

#2 Reason. MotoCMS is 100% Responsive

In our age of the mobile technology boom, it makes sense to create a responsive website. In other words, people expect to see the familiar quality layout even if they use different devices to view your website. The easiest way for you to get a responsive website is to choose MotoCMS templates. These templates are designed to meet the demands of the evolving web world. With MotoCMS, your customers will enjoy the smoothest experience ever when browsing your website!
As you understand, responsivity is a must these days. It is especially important for businesses that provide social services or presuppose booking.

#3 Reason. MotoCMS Themes are Packed with Widgets

Nowadays, people are more likely to pay attention to a website that contains widgets. There are several reasons for that.
Firstly, widgets are handy as attention grabbers. That is why all our MotoCMS templates contain a pack of widgets to suit any business. For example, you can use the Video widget to engage your customers’ interest in the history of your establishment.

Secondly, widgets are powerful tools in terms of personalizing your content. For example, with the MailChimp Widget from MotoCMS, you can effectively organize your subscriber’s base. The countdown widget may inform your clients about the upcoming discounts. In combination, these two widgets make sure that your customers are kept informed about the key moments of your business life.

But what do you do if you do not see a widget you want on our list? No worries – MotoCMS templates offer you a unique and reliable tool to add any other widgets to your website. The tool is called the Code Injection. Its main idea of the Code Injection is that you simply copy and paste the embed code for the widget you need into the corresponding content block. That’s it. You have one more widget to enjoy! Yes, this easy. Neither web programming expertise nor web design skills are required!

#4 Reason. All MotoCMS Templates are Cross-Browser Compatible

It is not a secret that people tend to have their favorites among the popular web browsers. Earlier, that meant that you would need to manually test how your website functions in every single web browser. Needless to say, this process was highly time-consuming and demanded certain web programming skills. Nowadays, the situation has changed for the better. With the MotoCMS templates, your website looks perfect in all the popular browsers. Your task is only to watch and enjoy how people from all over the world visit your online project!

#5 Reason. MotoCMS Means Diversity

Our collection of MotoCMS templates boasts the diversity that stands out on the web market. To begin with, we are proud to tell you that here you can find a professional template for about fifty different categories of businesses! What other cms can offer this assortment? What is more, every single template we have developed is a small masterpiece. For instance, let’s look into Evolution. It boasts features that distinguish it from all the other offers on the market. In short, Evolution is an outstanding example of the superb functionality and the terrific design. This template is designed to suit multiple business purposes. For starters, it includes 4 child pages at the moment. Each of these pages represents a professional web design idea designed for a certain business field. These fields are the medical business, the web design industry, car repair services, and the real estate establishments. Moreover, Evolution contains 16 web pages that are ready to go online! How great is this?

Of course, this list of reasons to try MotoCMS is far from being full. We can also mention such facts as 100% SEO-friendliness, 24/7 free professional support for one year, and a 14-day free trial. So, try MotoCMS today and enjoy the future of the web universe!

The Best from MotoCMS: Spectrum, Evolution, Defrozo, Income & others.

Now, I will introduce you to MotoCMS and its top website templates, i.e. Spectrum, Evolution, Defrozo, and Income. I will outline the main common characteristics of the website templates mentioned above and try to showcase what makes them stand out on the webmarket.

MotoCMS is a website builder that facilitates the process of creating websites both for professional web developers and complete novices. Its rich collection of website templates contains responsive Moto 3 templates, eCommerce themes, and HTML templates. MotoCMS also stands for amazing diversity. In more than fifty thematic categories, you will definitely find the template that suits your business best.

The thing is you may take an altervative way if you do not have 100% ready concept for your future online project. In this case, you can choose one of the flagship website templates from MotoCMS – Spectrum, Evolution, Defrozo, and Income. Let’s review them one by one.

Spectrum Ultimate Business Website Design


This website template is designed to satisfy the demand of any possible online project. The customization opportunities that Spectrum offers is like no other. Literally, every element that you see on your screen can be adjusted to your concept of a perfect website for business purposes. Thanks to the powerful Block Editor, you are free to choose between numerous headers, galleries, pricing tables, footers etc. This is what the Block Editor looks like for the restaurant child theme of Spectrum looks like.


As you have probably understood, Spectrum gives you the access to the stunning and professionally looking child home pages. At the moment the list of these themes includes the restaurant, the consulting, the financial, the photographer, and the industrial themes. How great is that?


In practice, it means two things. If you are a web developer, Spectrum will save you tons of time that you would have otherwise invested into creating multi purposeful websites from scratch. If you are a businessman that wants to enter the online market, Spectrum and its child themes give you the chance to change the layout and the design of your website whenever you wish.

Evolution Universal Business Website Theme


This unique website template for business will undoubtedly amaze you on all the possible levels.

For starters, Evolution contains a one-of-a-kind collection of child home pages. Explore the themes for the medical, web design, and the car repair industries.


Test out the themes for real estate, hotel, and and law services companies!


Of course, it goes without saying that all the child themes of Evolution are fully customizable and 100% responsive. Inside the admin panel from MotoCMS, you can preview your site in 4 modes: desktop, smarphone (vertical), smartphone (horizontal) and tablet.


In addition, Evolution contains quite a few widgets that are necessary for any successful modern business website. For example, with the Google Map widget, you will keep your prospective customers informed about your current location.

When applying the MailChimp widget, you get a reliable tool for managing your newsletters. Thanks to the Disqus widget, you can add a user-friendly and practical comment system to your website in the blink of the eye.


Enjoy the potential of diversity that the top web developers from MotoCMS have offered in Evolution!

Defrozo Photography Portfolio Theme


If you choose this website template, then you definitely know a thing or two about photography. In fact, every detail of Defrozo is developed to suit specifically the photography industry.

To begin with, Defrozo contains the powerful Block Editor. Based on the drag-and-dropping principle, this editor helps you to build the layout of your website in several clicks.

Also, you can find eight gallery scripts that will make your work not only visible but attention-grabbing. These galleries include a background slider, a carousel, a grid, a slider, a sliding gallery, a reflection, a slider with thumbnails, and a sliding click action. Experiment with all of them to build the website that your photos deserve!


What is more, in Defrozo, you can find the Aviary Photo Editor. This is the instrument that allows you to upload your artworks and refine them online on the fly.

Moreover, Defrozo is equipped with the well-structured Media Library. This is the place where your masterpieces (accompanied by all sorts of other media files) get organized and thoroughly sorted.


In addition, Defrozo can take care of your personally identifiable information and sensitive personal information.

Income Premium Financial Business Theme


The main advantage of Income is that it is designed with one clear goal. It is to facilitate the creation of a finance website of the top quality. Let’s have a look at the numbers below and track down what potential Income has on the web market. About twenty ready-to-use pages and two extra home pages for the banking industry and the loan company make this website template a must for any finance-oriented business.

In addition to the numbers that speak for themselves, we should not forget about the excellent blogging functionality of Income. A blog is a reliable tool to increase your search engine rankings, so why neglect it, right? As you can see from the admin panel below, the blog is already fully designed for your business. All you need to do is to pick a topic and remember to write more or less regularly.


Benefits and Disadvantages

CMS templates providers target a specific audience. While one-stop site builders like Weebly or uCoz cater to the novice expecting to get everything in a single place (domain, theme, tools, hosting etc.) obviating the need to purchase those elsewhere, CMS templates like those offered by MotoCMS work best for people who already have a hosting account and domain, or at least know how and where to buy them. Based on these differences, I can define the following benefits and disadvantages of CMS templates compared to online site makers.

Possible drawbacks:

You’ll have to purchase a hosting plan and domain name independently (according to the hosting requirements specified in the CMS template description). You’ll have to administer your hosting issues yourself: back ups, security measures etc.

Most CMS templates have no division into separate accounts (one for content editing, another – for design and administration) – everything is integrated into the same panel. This can be fairly inconvenient. For example, your client can mess up the design, as well as change important website settings.

Aside from these disadvantages, CMS templates combine the benefits of online website builders and independent content management systems:

Your template (=website) is yours. You can host it anywhere on the web (while with 90% of website builders you can’t move your site).

Cost. You make a one-time payment to get a template along with support and updates. No need to pay monthly fee for the website builder, you will pay only for your hosting.

4. Customer Support

MotoCMS takes care of its customers no matter what. You can hardly find a person, remained unsatisfied with the MotoCMS support center. One may make a call or ask for calling back in right time. Free live chat is also available.

If you would like to figure out how everything works by yourself, there is knowledge base, including FAQs, user’s guides, video tutorials and issue solutions.

5. Pricing Policy

As I mentioned above, before purchasing any website template powered by MotoCMS you can test it by registering the trial period.

After the end of the trial period you can purchase an eStore or MotoCMS 3 website template ($199) and a HTML website template ($139), in addition you can buy one of the offers available: website installation (+$49), eCommerce plugin (+$99), SEO-audit (+$49), ready-made website offer (+$149) with free installation, logo and color scheme customization and your content update.

Another paid option – Buyout License ($4500) – guarantees that you are the last one who buys this template: after buyout chosen template is removed from MotoCMS templates list permanently.

The pricing is clear – no month-to-month, no subscriptions, only one time payment. Also, MotoCMS cooperates with hosting companies like InMotion and BlueHost to offer reasonable hosting plans.

6. White label

MotoCMS offers all website developers getting their brand name closer to their customers. You can get MotoCMS White Label for a reasonable price and start building your brand right after the purchase. It allows you adding up to 5 different brands to the templates you purchased from the MotoCMS store.

MotoCMS Whitelabel

There are two options of applying the White label to your product. Either buying a White Label with every template you get in the store, or getting an unlimited number of White Labels right from your MotoCMS account. No matter that way you purchase this solution, here’s how you can use the White Label for branding your own name:

Apply the White Label to any template you have in your personal account;  In your account, you can create up to 5 different brand names that can be easily applied to any template you have Just make sure you have enough White Label licences for that;

You can apply one White Label licence to one website;
If you modify a brand, all the changes will be applied to all the templates that are associated with this very brand;

You can switch anytime between the brands you have on any template without losing a licence to that brand;

You can easily discard a licence from any template you wish. Just note that this licence won’t be restored.

It’s a really great solution for branding your business without spending too much time on it. You can purchase a white Label licence separately, with a template. But if you are a web developer, you will be glad to hear that any developer’s pack includes a White Label licence.

Don’t hesitate and get this solution that will give you many benefits:  It saves you time (and money, of course). White label solution saves you tons of efforts for establishing your brand from scratch, making it recognizable and famous among your customers;

It strengthens your customers’ loyalty. People will associate your high-quality product with your brand and every time they use your service and see your label attached, they will know that they get a good service. Thus, their loyalty will increase;

You get already tried and true product that you can sell under your brand. Again – it saves you a lot of time for testing your product and improving it;
No more pressure! MotoCMS White Label solution still provides you and your customers with the best tech support available 24/7. S you don’t have to work hours for fixing issues and adding updates to the product;

Do what you do best and leave marketing aside. White Labelling takes off the marketing from you and leaves you with your favorite business – web development. We handle everything else in terms of promotion.

MotoCMS Resellers Program

I think you are convinced by all those benefits you can get from the White Label offer.


Even though the company has already produced a few website templates with a blog, MotoCMS 3 still lacks a full-featured blogging platform. Let’s hope they’ll fulfill this so demanded feature request very soon.


MotoCMS is the great alternative for small business or simply for those who would like to save money and energy resources, but get a website with design and functionality that are equal to the one, developed by specialists.

In addition to your website you obtain innovative drag-and-drop website builder, free updates and 24/7 customer support. It is a great start for non-professionals for reasonable price.

As a conclusion, I would like to emphasize the fact that the online world has been developing at the unprecedented speed these days. If you want to keep up with this world, you need to back up your business with the best website you can afford. So, choose the crème de la crème – choose the unique templates from MotoCMS!


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